This YEAR in Internet Marketing: Top Articles of 2013

This YEAR in Internet Marketing: Top Articles of 2013
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2013 has been an interesting year for Internet Marketing with changes to Google’s search algorithms, a shift in focus to content as the king of online marketing, and the increased importance of Google authorship; just to name a few changes. Here are the best wrap-up articles of 2013: How Link Building Changed in 2013; 36 Content Marketing Ideas from 2013; and Best of PPC: The Hottest Guides, Case Studies & Articles of the Year!


How Link Building Changed in 2013

How Link Building Changed in 2013

This great article covers the many changes that occurred during 2013 with many links to in-depth articles from throughout the year as well as a condensed explanation of Google updates. Those interested in a more thorough explanation of changes to Google algorithms can use the provided link to click through to the full list on Moz. This article also breaks down the major link building topics of the year and provides some handy links for each aspect.


Best of PPC: The Hottest Guides, Case Studies & Articles of the Year!

From case studies to how-to guides to in-depth research and analysis, 2013 was a good year for PPC articles. Covering the hottest topics in 2013 including Enhanced Campaigns and Quality Score, this guide breaks down the best tips and tricks for your PPC campaign from all over the web.


36 Content Marketing Ideas from 2013

This giant list of helpful content marketing articles covers just about every topic you could think of: from strategy and planning to finding ideas and recycling your best content, it documents the changes to Internet Marketing that eventually made content king of any effective online marketing strategy and provides a rundown of the new tools – and rules – from Google this year.


More Highlights from 2013:


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