This Week: Youtube Ads, Google Algorithms Update, Automated PPC Bidding, Landing Page Copy and Facebook Story Ads

This Week in Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday,

This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss topics including; How to get started with YouTube Ads, Google’s new algorithm update, Automated PPC bidding, how to write landing page copy that converts, and Facebook giving creators new ways to build audiences via stories, more monetization features.

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

How to Get Started With YouTube Ads

Marketers everywhere are looking to promote their brand. Video ads have been recognized as an effective marketing strategy. In addition, we all know YouTube has a massive audience looking for something new every day! Engaging viewers with your content can create a significant impact on the ad campaign.

YouTube Ads

YouTube video ads are one of the most effective ways to acquire leads, generate sales, and uplift brand awareness. While executing YouTube ads, it is essential to keep an eye on a specific metric according to your campaign goals. A new marketer will always feel video ads are difficult to execute. In conclusion, if you are looking to market your products or services on YouTube, you can read the article and learn how to run ads on YouTube via Google Ads dashboard!

Google now gives more preference to original reporting in search

Google has been rolling out updates to its ranking algorithms to give more preferences to stories that were the source. For instance, Richard Gingras, the Vice president of Google News, revealed that original reporting would not only rank better in Google search but will soon rank better in Google news, including Google Discover. In addition to original reporting ranking better, the stories will stay at the top of the news cluster for a more extended period.

Google algorithms

With Google's new ranking update, original reporting will get recognized more prominently in search and will ensure it stays there longer. So original reporting will not just show up higher in the search results but show up for a more extended period for the relevant query in Google search. To know more about the update, read the article!

4 Important Things You Need to Know About Automated PPC Bidding

Google, with its extensive capabilities in machine learning, is pushing hard to take as much control over PPC bid management as possible. Subsequently, machine learning has evolved significantly and is continually developing the digital marketing platform. It is changing the way we optimize for search engines!

PPC bidding

Google believes that by allowing machine learning to handle number-crunching and pattern recognition, advertisers will get better results.

However, when bids are automated, it does not mean that PPC is automated. Therefore, there are many essential aspects to know about automated bid management, and in this article, you will learn more about it based on conversations with advertisers.

How to write landing page copy that converts like crazy

Businesses that use landing pages experience high leads on their site. However, it isn't as easy as hitting a landing page up and watching the money come in. You need a fantastic copy to experience that. In other words, copywriting is an art that uses words to convince customers to buy a product. The main objective of landing pages is to sell something!

landing page

Landing pages need to have a crisp copy that gets a customer all excited, or they'll leave quickly. Therefore, An excellent copy can make or break a landing page. That's why you need to take the time to craft an epic copy that gets customers itching to buy from you. The article has all you need to know about creating great landing copies that convert like crazy!

Facebook gives creators new ways to build audiences via Stories, more monetization features

Facebook is testing some new features for creators and public figures on the platform. Among the new features is a Collaborative Stories function that allows multiple public figures to post within a single Facebook Story. In addition, Facebook is releasing new ways for creators to engage with fans.

Facebook Story Ads

Facebook's collaborative stories will aid creators to build more exposure on the platform and grow their audience. As a result, Facebook is aiming at building a welcome environment for creators, releasing new features and monetization opportunities that put it in direct competition with YouTube in terms of being a creator-friendly platform. Read the article to learn more.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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