This Week: Under-Delivering Facebook Ads, Content Pruning, & How A Redesign Can Affect SEO

This Week: Under-Delivering Facebook Ads, Content Pruning, & How A Redesign Can Affect SEO

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This week we are covering Facebook’s new Nearby Friends feature with a Snapchat style map and website redesign mistakes that destroy SEO. We will also be discussing if content pruning is a good SEO strategy or not, and what you can do to make your content more trustworthy. Lastly, we cover a few tips to fix under-delivering Facebook ads.

Google on Dealing with Low Traffic Pages

There comes a time in life where we have to change or remove some things. The same is true for the life of content, and web pages. At some point, these pages and content will become outdated, or irrelevant. Content pruning is the process of analyzing the content and pages of your website, assessing which are irrelevant, and removing them. The goal is to get rid of low traffic web pages and not damage the overall site, and therefore improving ranking and traffic.

But is content pruning a good SEO strategy?

Google’s John Mueller says that low traffic pages can be dealt with in two ways: removing the content or improving it. Ultimately since it is the content of your website that is how it is presented to search engines, both approaches yield the same results. What it all comes down to is practicality: if you have a lot of pages that are irrelevant, then it makes sense to remove them, but if it’s only a few, then improving the content might be the way to go. Keep reading to learn more.

10 Tips To Fix Facebook Ads Under Delivery

After researching, strategizing and copywriting, your Facebook Ads campaign is finally ready to be launched! You’ve set it all up for success but what happens when you’re not getting the impressions you expected and your campaign is underperforming? The answer to why your ad is under-delivering can be so simple that you’d be amazed at why you didn’t think of it before, for instance: making sure that is set live! You’d be surprised at how many advertisers have had this “oops” moment.

Other things to look for in an underperforming campaign are whether you have reached your budget limits, do your images contain more than 20% text, are you targeting the same audience too many times, and if your campaign has a low relevance score. By looking into a few of these variables, you could make changes to improve how well your ads do. For more tips on improving a Facebook Ads campaign, click here.

If Your Content Doesn’t Have This, the Majority Won’t Trust It [Research]

With the rise of “fake news,” more and more users are wary of what they see on the Internet. According to a recent study, if your content does not contain data or proof to back up the claims, it is less likely to be trusted, persuasive, or even read. The facts:

  • Three-fourths of adults say content with data is more trustworthy than content without
  • 73% say content with data is more persuasive
  • 82% of U.S. adults prefer to read an article based on data than one based on the writer’s opinion
  • The data does not have to be presented in a classic boring “only numbers” style but can incorporate elements of design and social media platforms

To read more on the study and see some excellent examples of data presentation, check out this article.

Website Redesign Mistakes that Destroy SEO

Redesigning a website is essential to keep your site up to date with user preferences. However, while it is an important task, it has some consequences, especially from an SEO perspective. Some things can go wrong during the redesign, and this can cause search engines not to view the website as it did previously, and in some cases, this may result in a penalty for the site.

Some of those mistakes include leaving the development environment crawlable/indexable, arbitrarily changing image names on pages that rank well, deleting pages or changing page URLs without redirecting them, and not performing a full crawl after migration to and from the development environment.

Keep reading to learn more about the standard web design mistakes that could cost you your ranking, and how to avoid them.

Facebook Tests New Snap Map-Style Feature, Additional Tools for Facebook Stories

Facebook has recently been testing new features as part of a strategy to boost the usage of Stories. In addition to a newly updated collection of Stickers, one of the most important features they have been working on is its Stories Map feature, a variation to its “Nearby Friends” feature. This tool will enable users to see where friends are on a broader scope and is very similar to Snapchat’s Snap Map. A ‘view list’ button will also be introduced to show a friend’s approximate location in a town, though their exact coordinates will not be shared.

Another feature is the Pet Talent Show feature of the Facebook camera. Everyone loves seeing videos of dogs, puppies, cats, and other pets doing cute stuff, and in a bid to encourage users to use the Story feature more, Facebook is introducing the Pet Talent Show tool.

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