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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news; we’ll be covering tips for upping your Instagram game, how to discover new audiences for your Facebook ads, and how to improve your technical SEO in 3-steps. Lastly, we will take a look into Facebook Stories’ new CTA button, and how to create a good brief for better content marketing. Let's dive in!

Top 3 Tips for Upping Your Instagram Game.

The success of your Instagram relies on a good strategy, and a lot of work to make that strategy work. That being said, this does not mean that you have to create too many strategies at once. This article suggests three tips on upping your Instagram game.

With Instagram Automation, you can improve your online presence and increase your engagement by cementing your brand in the minds of your consumers. Be aware that using Instagram Automation might impact your planned strategy. The best way to avoid mistakes is to do your research on Intelligent automation services carefully and choose a strategy that will serve your brand best. Then, practice on a dummy account until you get the hang of it before using it on your brand’s account. If you take the time to master the use of Instagram Automation, you’ll have much better results in the end.

Secondly, improve your hashtags. Instagram has recently rolled out a feature that lets users follow certain hashtags to make content they follow more relevant to them. This way, users can keep up with their favourite brands, sports teams, and other companies to get updates and information that’s relevant and useful to them. The right way to use hashtags to gain more presence on Instagram is by using multiple location hashtags, add fun hashtags or create branded hashtags. Promote user-generated content to get more engagement with each hashtag.

Lastly, leverage Instagram stories. According to Lindsay Mauch of Forbes Los Angeles Business Council, it is essential to use Instagram stories once a daily.  A fascinating feature of Instagram Stories for business is the swipe up capability. If your user likes what they see on your story, then your followers can swipe up. It will take them directly to your bio so that they can follow your page, visit your website, or even make a purchase.

There are many ways to create a strong social media presence, but if you want to improve your Instagram game specifically, automation, hashtags, and Instagram stories are a great place to start.

How to Discover New Audiences for Your Facebook Ads

Discover New Audiences for Your Facebook Ads

In this article by Tammy Cannon, readers will learn how to research and test interests that yield new Facebook ad audiences. The first step in this process is to brainstorm interests among your target audiences. From here you'll want to create target personas based on your audiences demographics, hobbies, social channels and interests.
Once you have created a few personas, the next step is to create Facebook audience insights.

Facebook has a lot of information about the users of its platform, and through your Facebook Ad manager, you can tap into the detailed knowledge on how you can improve the targeting of your Facebook ads. BuzzSumo is another tool you can utilize to dig up some dirt on your target audiences; BuzzSumo compares popular online articles and lets you know where they were shared on social media. If an article is accessible, you can add the author, publication, and anyone mentioned in it to your list as potential interests. Amazon is another online platform that offers a unique way to understand your target audience's mindset. Open the website and enter your topic (social media images) into the search bar. Right away, you’ll see topics and authors you can add to your list.  With a little research, you can generate higher leads from a variety of audience in your Facebook ads.

A Simple 3-Step Framework to Improve Your Technical SEO

In this article, Aleh Barysevich discusses three major areas that you can focus on to strengthen your technical SEO framework. While this article only explores technical SEO best practices, remember that you cannot neglect your on-page SEO — this includes content creation and optimization, as well as off-page SEO, such as link building — if you want your website to rank well and compete for high-priority keywords.

The first area to strengthen your SEO is indexing and crawlability. Make sure that all your important pages are crawlable by indexing them properly as Google needs to index your website’s pages before they appear in search. This is SEO 101, but it’s a vital first step. Take the following steps:

  • Ensure all essential pages are indexed.
  • Ensure all important resources are crawlable.
  • Optimize your crawl budget.
  • Don’t forget about mobile-first indexing.

The second area to focus on is site structure and navigation. Creating sites that are intuitive and easy to navigate helps both bots and users explore your site and understand its content. Keep your sitemap up-to-date, as they can help search engines find your site, tell search engines how your site is structured, and make it easy for them to discover fresh content.
Lastly, you’ll want to focus on site speed. Make some technical fixes to speed up your websites loading time. After you have made changes to your technical  SEO, it’s time to start using other strategies to optimize your content and link profiles.

Facebook Adds New CTA Stickers for Page Stories

Facebook’s Stories feature still struggling to capture the limelight, but they ’re not going to give up quickly, and they have come with another update which can be a massive bonus for brands. Facebook has now released a new set of CTA stickers for Pages, which will enable businesses to make more effective use of the option via direct response tools.

The new button with the CTA options is now available in the main header of business pages. This way brands can now prompt stories viewers to 'Shop Now,' 'Get Directions' or 'Book' directly from the Stories feed.

This is an excellent opportunity for any business to guide their audience to specific pages — but that being said, not every brand is using Facebook stories. Facebook continues to push the usage of Stories through in-feed promos and other awareness efforts, that could help boost exposure for your brand. With these new CTA buttons, along with links in Stories (still in testing), the benefits for business promotion may be significant.

How to Create a Good Brief for Better Content Marketing

In this article, Daniel Hatch shares some tips on how you can create a better brief for better content marketing.
There is a lot of competition when it comes to grabbing your consumer's attention. To beat out the competition, you need good content. Not just any content, but outstanding content that is well written and well produced. Your content needs to be tied into your marketing goals and should feel authentic to your brand. Developing a brief may seem like a drag, but a good brief will turn into a significant investment of your time, and you’ll undoubtedly see an ROI.

A good brief clearly and concisely sets out your expectations, so be specific about what you are aiming for. It focuses the content creator’s mind on the areas of most importance, and it encourages the content creator to do a thorough job. It results in more accurate and more useful content. It saves you hours of unnecessary labour and stress in the editing process and can make all the difference between profit and loss. Click here and find the checklist that you need to follow when you give your content creator content to write.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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