This Week: Strategies For Lookalike Audiences In Facebook Ads, Google’s Announcements On 20th Anniversary & Social Media Is Impacting Your SEO

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This week we cover Google's new search feature announcement during its 20th-anniversary event, some Facebook-related news including several strategies to follow for successful lookalike audience in Facebook ads, as well as their announcement about Facebook stories and messenger ads. We'll also discuss how your social media is impacting your SEO, and tell you about the latest must-follow content marketing trend.

5 Strategies for Successful Lookalike Audiences in Facebook Ads

Lookalike Audiences in Facebook Ads

A useful tool available through Facebook Ads is lookalike audiences. This tool helps you reach new audiences who are likely to be interested in your business and lead to more conversions, because they're similar to your existing customers.

Facebook lookalike audience can lose its value overtime, but there are a few strategies you can follow to keep your lookalike audience functioning effectively.

An excellent way to start is to upload customer once a month or quarter. After that, you can create a lookalike list based on that list.

Next, you can segment customer lists into smaller groups. Sometimes your some customers can have a higher lifetime value than others, so instead of just creating your 'customer list' take a look at which ones are lower revenue users and which are higher revenue users, and then segment them.

The third step is to utilize automatic CRM uploads; MailChimp can be one of the top choices.

Next, use dynamic audiences. In this step, you should create your customer list based on how they interact with your site and observe how their behaviour changes over time, and what the causes might be.

The last step is to customize your pixels for more meaningful patterns. This step can be a bit tricky, but if done it correctly it can be a fantastic way to root your audience for lookalike audiences.

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How Social Media is Impacting Your SEO

In SEO, a combination of ideal keywords can get you to the #1 spot, but there's a lot more that goes into improving your SEO. Social media plays a bigger part than you may think — so how can you leverage it and use it to your benefit?

One of the top things a social media can do to support your SEO efforts through back links. Suppose you post an article of yours on Facebook or LinkedIn. Those connected to you will see it, and if they like it, those connected to them will see it, too. The more people that see your post, the more people are bound to enjoy the content. If someone finds your content and they end up using it as a source in something that they write, you'll earn a free back link.

The biggest mistake to avoid so that your social media doesn't hurt your SEO is to not use your social media barometer for SEO plans. Engagement can provide valuable information about which content is getting the most interaction. You should think about social media as a platform to allow your work to benefit a larger audience, rather than using it as a barometer for your SEO plans.

Google announces cards, discovery tools, revamped image search at the 20th-anniversary event

Google celebrated its 20th anniversary with a low-key event, during which  they announced various new and improved search features.

In this new update, Google reported that  previously searched pages or visited sites won't show up every time. Instead, users can edit and remove names results from the card, giving their journey an added level of personalization.

On the mobile version of Google homepage, a new feature called 'Discover' will appear. This feature will allow users can follow topics they're interested in, and indicate which they'd like to learn more about and which they don't want to see anymore. Google says that they will soon be adding video content to this feed.

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Facebook Announces Facebook and Messenger Stories Ads, Coming Stories Additions

If you're looking for another way to plug your business' ads on social media, then you'll be particularly happy with this update. Facebook recently announced that it will now allow brands to to post ads on Facebook stories, much like they do on Instagram.

Now, this isn't to be confused with the Facebook Messenger stories — they're two different platforms, as far as ads are concerned.

The objective of Facebook ads is to help brands extend their reach and increase awareness, traffic, conversion and lead generation.

With 38% of people reporting that they spoke to someone about a product or service they saw in a story and 34% reporting that they actually went to a store to look for it, this new feature is set to be a convenient and effective tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and see more conversions.

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7 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Follow

The #1 rule of content marketing is to keep up with the trends, and the latest one is personalization. 

To take advantage of this trend, the more the data you have on your customer, the better. This way, you'll know what information you need to provide to the consumer. Based on their needs and interests, you can create engaging content that will help generate more leads and drive more conversions.

Creating more niche content will help you stand out from your competitors. Instead of providing basic, high-level information, you'll be able to give consumers content that they'll actually value and learn something from. Increasing your credibility, it'll also draw more attention to your brand.

For more strategies, read on.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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