This Week: Social Media Tactics, Google My Business App Update & Content Marketing Trends For 2019.

This Week: Social Media Tactics, Google My Business App Update & Content Marketing Trends For 2019.

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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news; we’ll be covering social media tactics for more a better conversion rate, how to optimize your Instagram account for search engines, and six content marketing trends and how you can maximize your ad budget between Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, we will cover the latest update on the Google My Business app. Let's dive in!

5 Social Media Marketing Tactics for Improving Your Conversion Rate

Social media is a platform that can be used by anyone, whether it’s an enterprise level company, a mom-and-pop business, or an individual. Anyone can use this platform and build trust with their followers/customers; that is the power of social media.
One of the most significant factors that might be killing your conversions is lack of faith. Social media is a platform where brands can communicate with their followers gives customers the trust awesomely efficient, cheap, and effective way. Of course, that trust among your followers is not going to be built over time because you need to develop a good social media presence and then keep nurturing it.

In this article, Mary Jones discusses five social media marketing tactics that every business or individual can use to increase their conversion rate. Use social media to speak about why your business is different than your competitors.; every company has a unique story, and you can make your visible through your social media.
After setting a unique tone for your brand, the next thing you'll want to do is create your social media content. Make sure that when you are communicating this content to your followers, your message is crisp and clear. Brainstorm which medium would be best to get your message across; Should it be in the form of a picture or video? Do you want it to be informative, entertaining or both? Make your note as clear as possible, but try to leave some mystery behind it so that your customers can come back to you. Some followers want to be part of social media channel that is quirky, and fun and some followers want to be part of an informative social media channel. Get creative when creating content; while you cant to provide value, you have to remember to be unique to stand out among the rest.
Never make the mistake of keeping your customers waiting — no one likes waiting. Not only will this hurt your conversion rate, but it’ll decrease your number of repeat customers.

Lastly, keep an eye on your social media metrics because it is all about the numbers.  Allocate some time at regular intervals and keep a track on KPIs and metrics that matter to you.

How to optimize your Instagram account for search engines

Instagram, in spite of being one the strongest and powerful visual social media platforms, has surprisingly faced some difficulties to display in search results and index. The profiles of Instagram can be indexed but the images cannot be and this creates hurdle in SEO.

In this article by Manish Dudharejia; he explains how you can optimize your Instagram account for search engines. Make your Instagram profile public, so that anyone can access your profile, and your content should be shareable to everyone. Your Instagram profile information should be something like this: My Name (@username) • Instagram photos and videos. Here, you will include your primary target keywords under your profile name — but remember, keyword stuffing is never a good idea!  Add the keywords that are relevant to your brand, but be sure to incorporate these keywords in the most natural way possible. While editing your bio, use hashtags and keywords that are relevant to your business and optimized for the search results.

While hashtags are important, it is advisable to use a few words along with several hashtags. You can use a combination of TagBlender for Instagram hashtag research and the Google Keyword Planner for keyword research to figure out which keywords you should be using. The essential step in this process without a doubt is linking your Instagram post to your other channels so that your followers can find your Instagram profile easily.

Instagram may not be SEO friendly platform, but with a few extra steps, it’s possible for your brand’s Instagram to become visible on search engines.

Google Adds New Options to Manage Your Search Presence to its Google My Business App

Google my business app yet again with another update. Is this surprising? No! But is this interesting? Yes!

As most of you already know Google launched Google Business Posts last year, enabling organizations to create brief updates which can be listed in Google searches where their business appears. So how does this app benefits your brand?

This new update helps audiences to post updates directly from the app on their social media channel like Facebook. This app also displays the search results of places that the majority of audiences are looking for. In addition to this, there is also an option called "customer tabs" which lists all the people who've sought to connect with your business via Google tools. On this tab also includes options like 'Reviews,' 'Bookings,' 'Followers, and 'Messages.' This will help brands to understand their audiences in a better way and reach out for them for maximum conversion. Lastly, Google My Business has another 'Follow' options which enables your audiences to follow you

How to Optimize Your Ad Budget Between Facebook and Instagram

If you are a business owner and are confused about whether to invest more in Instagram Ad or Facebook and then your answer will be solved here.

In this article, Diego Rios explains how you can optimize your ad budget between Facebook and Instagram. It is common assumptions among business owners to think allocating more budget to Instagram will give them better results. There is an easy way to find the answer is by running a split test on one campaign with two identical ad sets and split the ad spend 50/50 between Facebook and Instagram. The beauty of Facebook's split test feature is that it lets you easily differentiate two different campaigns so that you can see what worked and what didn't.

Once you have set up a split test for Facebook and Instagram placement performance, the next thing you have to do is analyze the results of both the ads. If the cost per result is lower for Instagram, allocate more of your ad spend to Instagram for future runs of this campaign.

Six Content Marketing Trends For 2019

In this article, Peter Boyd discusses six content marketing trends for 2019 that every business owner should be aware of. 

A recent study conducted by BuzzSumo says that long-form of content was the most shared content on the internet. This means the longer the content, the more likely it is to go viral on the internet. While long-form does seem to be the most popular, you need to be mindful of how and why you create long-form content. If you slap together a 2,000-word post that offers no value to the reader, you won’t see much success. Instead, you need to put together thoughtful, well-researched pieces that will offer real value to the reader. To learn more about investing in long-form content, read one of our latest blogs. Your content communicates to your audiences about your brand, and this communication can take place in different forms whether it is Webinar, Webcasts and Live video. Let's not forget the current hype about voice search. As you enter 2019, your marketing plan should include an effort that is tailored to your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

Read on to see the full list of content marketing trends for 2019.

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