This Week: SEO Audit, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Ads, Content Marketing, and Google Adsense updates

The Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday,

This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss topics including; how to do a helpful SEO audit in a few hours, how to turn more Facebook leads into customers, Twitter introducing more flexible bidding options for video Ads, content marketing tools recommended by the pros, and Google AdSense, AdMob rolling out system updates for preventing ad spend on invalid traffic.

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

How to Do a Helpful SEO Audit in a Few Hours

The primary intention of writing quality content is to rank. But how often do you pause to see the progress of your SEO-focused content? A look at the first page of Google won't cut it. A necessary SEO audit can provide you with a better understanding of the positive and adverse aspects of your site's page in the eyes of Google and other search engines! It is an essential undertaking for an improved ranking!

SEO Audit

Read the article to know how to perform a helpful SEO audit! So you can improve upon what works and eliminate bad SEO tactics affecting your ranking!

How to Turn More Facebook Leads Into Customers: A 5-Step Process

Marketers out there are looking at generating leads through Facebook ads! Moreover, they are looking at converting these leads into customers. Many marketers who've tried Facebook ads claim that the leads they generate have been an utter waste because the leads didn't purchase anything! Here, the problem isn't that the leads are poor. The real problem is that businesses aren't doing enough to turn those leads into customers.

Facebook Leads

Facebook is a tool you can use to get a message delivered to a specific person. If businesses are getting poor leads, it is often because of inadequate follow-up communication and strategy! In this article, you'll discover five effective tips to increase the chances your Facebook leads will become customers.

Twitter Introduces More Flexible Bidding Options for Video Ads

Video ads are getting popular across social media, and so advertisers are taking full advantage of it in their campaigns these days! There are some new challenges for these advertisers as Twitter is giving them the option to bid on the first 6 seconds of a video ad view. Advertisers will still have the security of transacting on a longer view, while still providing an optimal short-form video experience!

The six-second video bid units are rolling out globally. Read the article to learn more about the six-second video bid and why it can be a challenge to advertisers!

Six beloved content marketing tools recommended by the pros

Content marketing involves producing and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert potential prospects into customers, and them into frequent buyers! The content you share directly reflects what you are trying to sell. In simple words, you're educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. So, it is vital to deliver effective content for your business to succeed! For creating quality content, there are many tools out there that can help you!

One great way to find the best content marketing tools is to take a look at what the pros are using and recommending. Read the article to know about six of the best content marketing tools recommended by six top content marketers!

Google Adsense, Admob Rolling out System Updates for Preventing AD Spend on Invalid Traffic

Google's traffic only increases as days pass by and so they keep updating to improve the quality of search! There is news that Google is making system updates to fight invalid traffic and suspicious activity on its ad networks.  It will also provide AdSense and AdMob publishers more information when ad serving is restricted as a result of these new measures!

Google Adsense

Read the article to learn more about this update and how it is an advantage to advertisers!

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