This Week: Search Intent, Boosting Engagement with Facebook Live & Choosing the Right Content For Your Strategy

This Week: Search Intent, Boosting Engagement with Facebook Live & Choosing the Right Content For Your Strategy

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This week we cover Instagram adding GIFs in direct messages and how Facebook Live can get you more engagement. We will also discuss five tips to help identify user search intent and Google Ads' latest rollout. Lastly, we will be talking about how to identify the right content for your marketing strategy.

Deciphering Search Intent: 5 Areas to Get you Started

To be successful marketers, we need to rely on search engines, especially their ability to understand what users are searching for and that they provide the best results to match user intent. Keywords help us understand what users are searching for but results and click data show us what users find rewarding. Here are five strategies to implement to determine user search intent for better ranking.

Start with crawling your website to determine what keywords your pages rank for. Then, based on competitor research and keyword tools (such as AskthePublic & UberSuggest), create a list of keywords you want to rank for. Next, analyze search engine results for your keywords, in incognito mode and with a cleared cache. This can help you gain insight into why a site is outranking another and how a search engine determines what is relevant to intent.

Audit your content to ensure that it matches user search intent. Is the information you provide meeting user intent and does it facilitate conversions? Keep an eye on what competitors are doing to see what keywords they are bidding on. Tools like SEMrush and SpyFu can be helpful to have a deeper insight into a competitor’s campaign. Lastly, understand your user intent by taking a close look at the kind of terms and jargon your customers use when performing a voice search or typing words/phrases. This can be done by conducting various surveys or posting questions on social media.

Instagram Adds GIFs in DMs, Video Tagging and is Testing a Range of Other Features

Instagram is yet again in the news, and this time it’s for a new feature that everyone in the meme world is going to love. Now in the direct messenger of Instagram, you can add GIFs. There has been a confirmation from Instagram that they have added a 'random' GIF button. It adds a touch of fun, especially to private chats.

Earlier this month Instagram tested its new video tagging feature. This option can be an effective way to promote profiles and brands while tagging them in your content. In addition to video tagging, the platform is also testing out a slew of new features like quizzes. This can be an excellent way for brands to engage with their audience and to boost interactions. Look for competitors to feel the pressure in keeping up with Instagram as it continues to roll out features to strengthen user interaction with the app.

How to Get More Engagement With Facebook Live

In this article, Stephanie Liu, a live video expert and social media consultant, discusses how using Facebook Live can create massive engagement on the social media platform for any business.

Your brand should be top of mind for your customers and for this to happen, your consumer needs some form of interaction with your business. This is where live video marketing strategy can provide the much-needed engagement you’re seeking. Facebook Live has ten times more reach than any other type of content on the platform. In fact, a live video on the platform has six times more engagement when compared to a recorded video. Facebook Live can help give your audience an insider’s look into your business, provide a means to answer questions, launch a new product/service, or even promote an event.

Before going live, create a buzz about the live session. Invite followers, friends, family, and every possible connection that you have. Promoting your live event like an actual event will generate more people to your live stream. Create a Facebook event, schedule a live broadcast link or email your connections about the live event.

For tips on getting live viewer engagement, keep reading here.

Identifying the Right Content for Your Strategy

A well-executed content strategy not only bolsters engagement but increases site traffic and grows your audience. Here’s how you can adopt the right type of content to suit your marketing goals.

Every time a user lands on your web pages, they look for a reason to trust your business. One method to establish authenticity and trustworthiness is with User Generated Content. A user that comes across a community that are fans of your brand will influence whether they convert or not.

Create content that is relevant to your audience all over the world. That means translating and localizing your content. Be mindful of the consumer's location, currency conversion, shipping prices, etc.

Consumers today are socially-conscious individuals and will look to support brands/businesses that align with their values. Your brand won't be the top choice for your consumer if your content doesn't support any social causes. By partnering with a cause, you’re building meaningful connections and relationships with your audience that will lead to a loyal customer base.

Some consumers, when about ready to make a purchase, will want to read as much information as possible before converting. On the other hand, a consumer pressed for time would prefer to skimp over information. Therefore, it is necessary to have both long and short form of content on your website to serve the right consumer at the right time.

Google Ads Lets Users Enable Call Reporting at the Account Level

Google Ads is rolling out another update to advertisers in the coming weeks. This update will allow users to enable call reporting at the account level. Before this update, advertisers needed to make sure that call reporting was set each time a new call-only ad or new extension was added. This update means no more forgetting!

For advertisers with multiple call-only ads, it is worth noting that there is no switching back and forth between the reporting. Once the feature is enabled at the account level, the ability to add reporting on a per-extension and per-ad basis will no longer be available after it has been turned on.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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