This Week: Rebranding Strategy, Paid Campaigns, Instagram Business, and Google’s Diversity Update

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Happy Tuesday!

This week we are back again with more internet marketing news; we’ll get into how to build an SEO-friendly rebranding strategy for your digital marketing agency in 2019, running a successful competitor-focused paid campaign, Instagram ads, metrics for demand and lead generation, and how Google’s diversity update impacts search results!

How to Build an SEO-Friendly Rebranding Strategy for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2019

For any plan to work, it is essential to have a strategic approach! Likewise, branding is purely based on the strategy followed by a company. Increasing brand awareness is vital; there are times when even marketing agencies rebrand themselves to maintain their competitive edge!


Digital marketing agencies need to leverage their strategies with SEO and create a strategy that adequately incorporates their unique selling points and distinctive qualities. The market is becoming increasingly digital, which allows agencies to rebrand themselves quickly, while they keep up with the current marketing platform.

This article from Digital Agency Network will provide you with some points that can help you with creating the best strategies!

How to run a successful competitor-focused paid campaign

We know that search engine advertising is one of the most widespread forms of PPC, and one of the most significant advantages of running a paid search campaign is that you can bid on keywords that would be challenging to rank for!

PPC competitor

Building a great PPC campaign can be challenging, and a lot goes into it. From researching and selecting the right keyword to arrange those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups and once you've designed your new campaign, you also need to manage them frequently to make sure they stay active.

There’s competition everywhere, and PPC campaigns are no exception. Focusing on your competitors and what they’re doing on their own is an important part of creating a successful campaign. This blog from Search Engine Watch goes through five practical steps to set up and administer a successful competitor-focused SEM campaign.

Instagram to start showing ads in Explore tab

There’s some news about Instagram's introduction of ads in its Explore tab, the segment where users browse content and find new accounts based on their interest!

Instagram business

As Instagram's advertising business gains more attention to more user engagement, it’s no surprise the company is looking at taking advantage of its current growth. to generate more ad revenue! This article gives us information on Instagram's latest move!

Shares Don’t Cut It: Pick Better Metrics for Demand and Lead Gen

A valuable content marketing strategy includes many facets, with one of the most important being how to measure the success of your journey. It is essential to keep track of what your content is doing on the internet; an understanding of your key metrics is crucial in tracking your content's progress.

Content marketing metrics

Every marketer tracks stuff like clicks, impressions and shares, making managing big data easy. However, none of this will provide you with a complete story of what or how your content is doing.

In this article, John Hall points out the importance of measuring your journey to learn if your content is meeting the goals you’ve set.

Searchmetrics: Google’s diversity update did impact search results

A study by Searchmetrics on the Google diversity update showed that the update did, in fact, impact the overall diversity of Google's organic search results. This is certainly a plus because a more diverse set of search results can assist you in competing in spaces hard to compete! It can also provide more domains with an opportunity to rank for a given keyword.

Google diversity update

Read the complete article to learn about the changes after the diversity update, complete with statistical data!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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