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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We will discuss what it takes to get the bests results with marketing automation, 12 techniques to reduce your ad spend, Google’s ‘change of address’ tool to a new version of search console, and integrations aiming to aid marketers to identify and nurture “unknown users.” Lastly, we’ll look at self-driving technology and path to C-Suite!

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

What It Takes to Get the Best Results With Marketing Automation

Technology is a vital part of content marketing success. The problem arises with the complexity of tech selection and often leaves businesses struggling to keep up with innovation. If we look at marketing automation, it can be viewed as a solution for all challenges that content marketer’s face. These solutions offer tremendous potential to scale your content creation and delivery. It helps engage audiences at the right moment of intent and continually track your content’s performance.

marketing automation

Read more from the article to learn how technologies like automation can be a great help for content marketers!

12 Techniques to Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend

Marketers everywhere strive to get leads, and as a result, spend a lot on Facebook ads. Facebook ad campaigns are, without a doubt, an excellent way of driving potential traffic, but it is essential to keep your ad spend limited. If you observe your lead costs mount for your Facebook campaigns, it may be due to several budget- and auction-based factors. But if your lead costs shoot up significantly, it’s worth checking to see if there’s a tracking issue.

Facebook ad spend

In this article, you’ll discover how to evaluate and enhance your Facebook ad campaign performance—from first click to landing page conversion!

Google Brings ‘Change of Address’ Tool to New Version of Search Console

Here’s some news on Google’s relocation of the ‘change to address’ tool to the new Search Console interface. It was previously only available in the old version of Search Console. The tool notifys Google when a website has moved from one domain to another or from subdomain to another. It is an essential tool for SEO and site owners. Notifying Google about these variations helps with maintaining ranking positions in search results.

Search Console

Learn more about the changes Google has brought to it from the article!

Emarsys, BounceX integration aims to help marketers identify, nurture “unknown users.”

Device identity resolution provider BounceX has announced the expansion of its partnership with email marketing, automation and marketing software provider, Emarsys. The partnership is a strategic integration between BounceX and Emarsys, which can aid in improved revenue growth with intelligent acquisition tactics and connected customer journeys for the companies’ mutual customers. This partnership is about creating the best value for merchants and illustrating how brands can use complementary technology to drive better results, faster in the connected era.


Both companies seek to assist marketers in advancing their customer acquisition efforts and to drive value across addressable digital channels. Read the article to know more.

From SEO to CMO: Self-driving technology and the path to C-Suite

An incredible trend happening in SEO is that marketers are taking on more responsibilities across multiple facets of digital marketing. With digital marketing developing a more nuanced and targeted execution, marketers are diversifying their skillsets and impacts on their organizations. For search marketers, there has never been a better time to take advantage.


Read the article to learn more about this self-driving technology and the path to C-Suite!

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