This Week: LinkedIn Algorithm, 7 Tools to Optimize Old Content, Messenger Engagement, and keyword research SEO

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This week we are back again with more internet marketing news; we will look into LinkedIn’s news feed algorithm, seven tools to optimize old content for new conversions, ways to increase your messenger bot engagement, targeting keywords and seniors in your digital marketing campaigns!

LinkedIn lifts the hood on its news feed algorithm to show how it ranks posts

LinkedIn has made several changes to its ranking algorithm, aiming at more niche conversions. It was done for engaging more users; also, the company is drifting away from ranking trending content and instead, they are giving more importance to niche-specific professional conversions.


LinkedIn provides excellent opportunities for marketers to engage with their audiences beyond advertising efforts, promoting authentic, organic conversions with possible leads. Read the following article to understand how LinkedIn's algorithm uses AI to recognize niche, occupation-specific conversions, and how to take full advantage of the platform!

7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

A marketer will always want their users to complete an action rather than just landing and moving on. When we look at informational content marketing, converting users is pretty hard! They visit for answers, and after they find what they need, they clearly won't have a point to stick around. Content doing great in terms of drawing organic traffic may yet fail to make any difference to the business.

content marketing

You will be able to see clicks but are there any conversions taking place? Thus, it is essential you keep updating your old content to generate those conversions. This article will provide you insight on seven tools we can use to optimize that old content for new conversions!

9 Ways to Increase Your Messenger Bot Engagement

Facebook messenger bots aren’t the most prominent mainstream marketing channel, which makes it challenging to drive traffic! There are many reasons to set up a Messenger bot for your Facebook business page. Some businesses use Messenger bots for outbound purposes, sending subscribers regular updates with excellent open rates.

Messenger bot engagements

If you are wondering how to get more people to interact with your facebook bot and ways to improve your chatbot, read this article to discover how people can be encouraged to engage with your messenger bot on Facebook!

Why it’s worth targeting keywords with no-to-low monthly search volume

The main objective of any SEO specialist is obtaining high-volume, high-converting, low- competition keywords. The advantage of targeting low volume keywords goes way beyond just being able to get past of your competitors or driving a little more traffic.

Keyword Research

It's always great to drive organic traffic who are desperately wanting to buy what you have to offer! These keywords having a high number of searches with low competition, can often be a priority when SEOs conduct their keyword research. This article will reveal the high value that could be hiding behind those low search volume terms!

How to Effectively Target Seniors in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Senior citizens are often excluded from digital marketing focus, based on data presumptions and inefficient historical campaigns. As technology is improving rapidly, seniors are also getting involved in social media! So, it's time to rethink the senior population and start including them in your next marketing campaigns.

senior citizen marketing

This article will help you learn some of the misconceptions about the ageing demographic and some of the real-world tactics to use for improving your digital marketing projects.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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