This Week: Instagram’s Standalone Shopping App, Content Creation Tips and Promoting Blogs On Facebook Dynamic Ads

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This Week in Internet Marketing, we’re covering news of an Instagram shopping app, tips for creating content for social media, and using dynamic ads to promote blog posts. We also share design tips for a high conversion e-commerce website, and how Google’s August algorithm impacted local business.

Instagram's Looking to Launch a Standalone App for Online Shopping

Instagram has 25 million active users, and it is reportedly developing a standalone shopping app that will maximize the shopping potential on the platform. This shopping app will let users browse collections from merchants that they already follow and purchase them directly from the app.

Currently, brands can link to their site through their profiles and in Stories for those that are eligible. A standalone app could mean direct conversions for brands already working on building a strong following and bring in new brands as well. There is no confirmation yet about this news, but if such an app does launch, then it will create a lot of new potential for both Facebook and Instagram.

6 Amazing Tips for Content Creation

Creating content can be a challenge for any business. Here are six tips for creating great content, especially for social media.

Evergreen is a type of content that is considered to be useful over time. When valuable content is created, search engines reward it. Posting this type of content on social media also sends signals to a search engine. The higher value search engines give your content, the more traffic you get on your website and platforms.

A good headline is a game changer. A headline should be easy to remember, and if the headline is teasing a question, then the chances of your headline going viral are high. Use your creativity and make your content worth people's time. The happier a reader is with your content, the more they trust you. Create something that your audience can value and motivates them to share.

Skip the jargon and speak in a language your audience relates to and understands. Keep on top of your industry’s news and current events to be able to update your audience with timely content. Lastly, the importance of proper grammar cannot be emphasized enough. Search engines such as Google can penalize bad or incorrect grammar.

How to Design Your eCommerce Site for More Conversions

Creating a site can be tricky business especially if it is an e-commerce website, as business profits are directly impacted by the website itself. To increase conversions, here are a few design elements that should not be overlooked.

CTAs (calls to action) are what converts a visitor into a customer. A successful CTA should stand out and be short and sweet, like 'Buy Now, or 'Add to Cart.' A simple, checkout process will also help along with conversions. A one-click checkout, for example, means eliminates extra steps and any resistance a visitor may have.

A greenbar SSL secures your e-commerce website and conveys trustworthiness. It is a visual cue for a visitor that information is safe on this website. Providing different payment methods that cater to your audience is essential. Product reviews are powerful tools that can help convert a visitor. Most people believe the reviews they read while shopping online so by showing reviews below or next to your product can reassure a customer. Images on your website should be high quality, likeable, and instantly grab attention. Lack of imagery can leave a visitor feeling anxious.

Your website should be mobile optimized as there are a considerable number of people browsing your site on a mobile device. Product descriptions should be clear and speak to your audience with confidence. Lastly, choose a less-is-more site layout.

6 Ways the August Core Algorithm Update Impacted Local Business

Google's algorithm update that rolled out last month has had several impacts on local search, especially for the small business market. In this article Joy Hawkins discusses several sites and what changed on those sites due to a recent update.

Firstly, the update was not related to links but directly connected to on-site content quality. Secondly, it did impact keywords, in the sense that when specific keywords were searched, tons of videos showed up which did not exist before the update. Third, the update also had an impact on organic and local results. Due to this update, the organic increase of sites didn't simultaneously increase local results which are quite unusual.

Click here to view the full list of ways algorithm update affected local business.

How to Promote Your Blog Posts With Facebook Dynamic Ads

If you want more people reading your blog content, you should look carefully at Facebook dynamic ads. Although most often used for e-commerce (businesses use them to promote products in a catalogue), dynamic ads can help show new and current readers content that they’ll likely read. Here’s how to use these ads:

1. Set up a View Content pixel event and add it to your blog post.
2. Set up a Product Feed, in this case, your blog posts
3. Create a Product Catalogue (your blog posts)
4. Set up a dynamic ads campaign to promote your content

Read here for the full list of steps and details on how to create a paid campaign for your content!

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