This Week: Instagram Stories, Long-Tail Keywords, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing with Video

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week we are back with more internet marketing news! Today we will look at four ways to improve your organic reach on Instagram Stories, how you can leverage long-tail keywords for your SEO, content pillar types, how to promote your blog content long after publication, and how you can enhance your email marketing with video.

Here are some updates and news on internet marketing for improving our SEO skills!

4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Stories Organic Reach

Instagram Stories have become a popular medium for marketers to promote their business online. Instagram has algorithms that determine the number of followers who see your stories. The algorithm tries to identify the best, newest, most relevant, and most engaging content for each follower. This content is then delivered to the front of the follower's Stories feed. As a business, you don't need to reach everyone on Instagram, but you must reach your potential buyers!

Instagram Stories

The tips in the article will help you reach that target audience through sharing Stories they love at a time that's relevant to them so that the algorithm will promote it.

Here’s how to leverage long-tail keywords for your SEO

While you ponder upon improving your SEO, you must reach for every opportunity you can. For many, the first thing they will think of doing will be to find keywords that have a high search volume. This can make you a small fish in a vast pond. We'd all like to compete with huge websites for high - or medium - volume keywords that are usually more generic terms, but it doesn't often pan out that way. There are easier ways to rank higher, including using more specific, long-tail keywords as primary keyword targets.

Long tail keywords

Long-tail keywords for local search, intent and conversational language can help your SEO efforts. Read the article to learn more!

Which of These 3 Content Pillar Types Should You Build?

Converting visitors into leads, and eventually to customers, are the objectives of any marketer. For this, it is crucial to create a user experience that solves for visitors and search engines. To solve for both, you will need to create targeted clusters of relevant, in-depth content. These targeted clusters must connect to a centralized hub, known as a pillar page.  A pillar page is a web page that covers the overall topic in-depth and links to the clusters of related content.

Content pillar

Read the article to learn more about the types of pillar page and which one is best for you!

How to Promote Your Blog Content Long After Publication

We come across a lot of content that is old but evergreen. This type of content is gold. So, if your site has hundreds (or thousands) of blog posts and articles, it’s key to make sure that your valuable evergreen content is still getting traffic. While you keep posting new content, it’s easy for the old content to get lost in the social media shuffle. How can you make sure that content will still get the attention it deserves?

Evergreen Content

Read the article for expert tips on how to promote your blog content long after publication!

How to Enhance Your Email Marketing with Video

Despite the evolution of social networks and instant messaging apps, people still use email for business. Email users are predicted to hit the 3 billion mark by 2020. YouTube, being the second most popular website with over 1.9 billion users.

It can be tough to get a response from email prospects. It can be due to several reasons. One of them is the fact that spam and scam emails are filling up people’s inbox. But with a market size so big, it is a wasted chance if you don’t utilize email in your marketing campaign just because of its low reply rate.

Email marketing with video

In the article, we’ll see one of the solutions to effectively improve your email marketing campaign, which is by the use of video!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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