This Week in Internet Marketing: Instagram Ads, Data-driven Marketing, Landing Page Testing, and Google Organic Traffic

The Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday,

This week we are back again with more internet marketing news! We’ll look at improving Instagram stories ads, how agencies utilize data-driven marketing, a study on consumers using voice assistants for web search, and a small-budget guide for testing ad copy. Lastly, we'll check out Google’s latest trend in delivering organic search traffic in comparison to last year!

Here are some updates and news on Internet marketing for us to improve our SEO skills!

Instagram Stories Ads: How to Improve Your Results

Instagram ads are everywhere these days as their engagement rates are only increasing daily! Advertisers target customers on Instagram with something interesting like a short video or an image. But, unlike these ads that appear in the Instagram feed, Instagram stories are treated as a separate placement.

On the Instagram app, the latest stories possess a highlighted circle around the profile thumbnail! Unlike a regular video experience, stories have little bells and whistles that users can attach, such as headlines, captions, and small graphics called Stickers. Also, stories don't stay too long unless saved as a highlight, and this makes the content look like a live commercial that users watch and goes away later!

Instagram Story Ads

If you are wondering about getting better conversions on your Instagram stories ads, read the article for learning how to optimize your Instagram Stories ads placements and enhance your internet marketing skills!

See how agencies are putting data-driven marketing to work

Every company wants their brand at the top of the table. Those companies looking to remain competitive must now find ways to address consumers as unique individuals with highly specific, personal preferences.

Businesses that gather essential data on the behaviour of consumers can target their leads on a more personal level - optimizing their engagement rates while ensuring a positive brand experience! This is the very essence of data-driven marketing.

Data Driven Marketing

Read the article to know more about data-driven marketing and how conversions can be boosted with the strategy!

Study: 48% of consumers use voice assistants for general web search

Voice assistant web searches are common these days with the introduction of Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa! A recent study found 48% of consumers using voice assistants for general web searches.

Most of the activities identified in the survey are happening on smartphones. There is a growing penetration for voice as a search interface!

Voice Assistants

The article provides statistical information based on a new voice technology survey from Adobe on the increase in usage of voice assistants by consumers!

Small-budget guide to testing ad copy, landing pages, and more

For staying in the competition and keep up with the varying digital space, it is essential always to be testing. It isn't always possible to test everything, but with a small budget, one or two tests can be done at a time!

There are different types of tests you can execute on a small budget: ad copy testing, landing page testing, testing new engines, and ad formats.

Small Budget Testing

The testing length varies for every business. The article explains the different small budget tests you can execute for reaching that statistical significance in the market!

Google is Delivering Less Organic Search Traffic Than Last Year

Google reported less organic search this year in comparison to the previous year, while DuckDuckGo is up significantly. The mobile visits for DuckDuckGo have also considerably increased, and even the organic search share on mobile has doubled for them!

Read the following article to analyze the variations in the organic search traffic of Google!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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