This Week In Internet Marketing – March 15, 2010

This Week In Internet Marketing – March 15, 2010

We would like to wish all of the Irish (and the many non-Irish that celebrate as well) a Happy St. Patrick’s day this week!  I know that we all enjoy celebrating just about anything here at TechWyse so I am sure we will be having a collective cheers together this week.

This week’s theme seems to be more Search Engine Optimization focused! Each week has different buzz.  Hope you enjoy them!

Internet Marketing News – March 15, 2010

Google Does An SEO Q&A

Google Does An SEO Q&AGoogle provided us with a nice little question and answer.  (Something we all wish they would do more of!)  It addresses many SEO questions that webmasters have.  While most SEO companies are fully aware of these principles, many ‘newbies’ may not be as aware.  Some of the items addressed include, how to deal with duplicate content, how to appear for keywords that you don’t necessarily want in your website content, how to use URL rewrites properly, and how important is your domain extension?

Setting Up Your Site For Multi Regional Search & SEO

Setting Up Your Site For Multi Regional Search & SEOMany companies who operate in many countries need guidance on how to setup a website properly.  This article looks at such things as site map setup, importance of the domain extension, URL structure (love this!), dealing with duplicate content, and more technical items like ensuring your robots.txt file is setup properly.  A nice read for global companies.

Yahoo! Gives Us 6 Things To Check To Ensure Maximum SEO Results

Yahoo! also chipped in with some Search Engine Optimization tips this past week.  While basic – they are important.  Some of the tips they discuss include, the Robots.txt file, content indexing, using technologies like JavaScript and flash and building an effective link structure.

4 Ways To Use Social Media As A Catalyst

I really liked this article which helps the business owner understand some very simple things that can make a big difference in social media.  Most of these ideas require first hand knowledge and get be very effective in building traffic and awareness via social media.  Also make sure to check out Asha’s tips to brand business on Twitter and Facebook.

Americans, The Internet & The FCC – An Interview

Americans, The Internet & The FCC – An InterviewA nice article which discusses how American’s need to address internet accessibility.  The rest of the world seems to be pushing ahead much faster.  This is actually 7 part interview process done on YouTube and is a nice way to see where the FCC is going with the future of internet.

Foursquare Making A Name For Itself

Patrick wrote a nice article on Foursquare which gives us a glimpse into the growth of yet another social marketing utility.  We also read some nice articles this past week on usage and statistics of Foursquare.  Something to keep an eye on!

More Internet Marketing Headlines

Google Analytics Custom Variables Seminar On March 24th

Improving Mobile Advertising Campaigns On Google

Don’t forget the green Lager and cold Guinness this week!

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