This Week In Internet Marketing – March 1, 2010

This Week In Internet Marketing – March 1, 2010

Well – the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are now officially over.  If you are an American you likely are thrilled to have won the most medals of any country.  If you are Canadian you were probably cheering and possibly were out on the streets last night celebrating the Gold Medal win of the beloved Canadian Hockey team.  Oh ya – you may also have taken some pride in the fact that Canada won the most gold medals ever won at a Winter Olympics.

But the internet marketing world was also spinning last week so let’s have a look at some of the things that happened so that we can get you caught up!

Internet Marketing News

Bing Helps Us Understand Why To Chase The Long Tail Keyword

We have seen a few articles both on Bing and Yahoo! that we don’t usually see.  Both sites posted helpful articles which were not search engine specific.  Many of our own clients ask me quite regularly about gaining first page rankings for specific keywords that I feel, do not make much sense to chase.  For any of those clients this is a great article explaining why ‘Long Tail’ keywords should be your focus.

Is Your Site Visible To Search Engines?

Since we are talking about SEO I also really liked this Yahoo! blog article which shows even the novice user how to check how visible your website is on search engines.  It explains how to do such things as view all non duplicated pages, how many pages search engines are viewing and how your content is being crawled.  Very cool.

Is Your Website Compliant With All Major Internet Browsers?

You better!  According to this article Google Chrome continues to be the fastest growing web browser in the world.  This comes at the expense of a market share owned mostly by IE and Firefox.  IE represents about 62%, Firefox about 24% and Chrome now about 6% of browser usage. Are you sure that your website is viewable by all browsers?  If not you may be missing out on some very valuable traffic.  Did you know that we can do this check for you?  Just ask!

Go Mobile Series Webinar March 2nd @ 2pm EST

We have been talking quite a bit about mobile marketing lately.  This may be somewhat last minute but Google is inviting you to join a webinar which will help educate and explain what all the buzz around mobile is about.  Might be worth checking out!

Google Helps You Learn If Your Site Has Been Hacked

Talk about taking things to the next level with improving the internet.  We have seen a large rise in the amount of websites which get malicious scripts uploaded via FTP unbeknownst to the website owner.  Google is now providing notifications to website owners that they feel may have been a victim.  Of course, this is also something that your SEM company will also be aware of. :)

More Important Internet Marketing News

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