This Week In Internet Marketing – Jan 18, 2010

This Week In Internet Marketing – Jan 18, 2010

The ever evolving internet marketing industry is never short on new developments and this past week was no exception.  Here are just some of the stories that I wanted to point you to check out as part of our continual trend to educate and improve.

TechWyse Highlights

Lead Management Improvements

Any client that uses our services knows about our powerful lead management and Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) tool.  You may also have noticed a variety of enhancements over the last several weeks.  A feature we are pleased to announce is the ‘Lead Summary Trending Report’ which sends weekly directly to your email address.  If you want to receive one of these simply let us know!

Lead Summary Trend Report



Internet Marketing News For The Week

Paid Search Spend Breakdown

According to Efficient Frontier Google is getting 3 out of 4 paid search links.  Wondering where you should be spending your advertising dollars?  This is more evidence why Google continues to be number 1 amongst advertisers.  As WebProNews also mentions Bing also showed a 25% improvement while Yahoo! flat lined.

Yahoo! Introduces New Search Improvements In Paid Search

Yahoo! Introduces New Search Improvements In Paid Search Just when we thought Yahoo! was done communicating with the world about search we get a blog from them showing us some of the recent improvements that they have made to improve the search experience.  This includes enhancements in paid search and ads served to a more relevant audience.  Yahoo! also reported that their cost per click average went down 25% and there was a 36.5% increase in spending in the 4th quarter.  Our question – since Yahoo! paid search is an auction style pay per click system if cost per click went down doesn’t that mean less people were advertising?

Google Backing Out Of China?

If you really follow Google news you definitely wouldn’t have missed Google’s recent blog detailing the possible closure of Google in China.  While Google has attempted to work around China’s ideas of censorship they officially through this idea out the window last week by announcing they would be disclosing all information on their engine even if it meant halting operations in both China and the local Chinese Google search engine.

Bing Onto Health Care

Bing Onto Health Care It appears that Bing is concentrating on selected niches to win over search engine market share.  Bing announced last week that they have enhanced their search engine to improve information related to health care information.  Since we know many health care professionals read our blog we thought we would include this little segment here as well!


From all of us here at TechWyse, have a great week!

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    Hey guys,  want to know more about the lead tool, seems like a rewarding one.  Is it a proprietary one or your own in-house tool?
    Yes, Google burned their fingers on the Chinese play. Is China setting up a model to the rest of the world?

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