This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 09 27

This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 09 27

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most informative articles from across the web. We’re looking at how to properly audit your AdWords campaign, as well as how to create an effective content strategy, and SEO and social media tips for small businesses. We’re also looking at how to improve your website design using psychological triggers, as well as how to create a conversion-friendly, local mobile landing page.

Audit Your AdWords: How to Spend Less and Earn More

Audit Your AdWords

Properly auditing your AdWords campaign is the key to it’s success, and there are some tactics you can use to increase conversions without blowing your budget. First, ensure you're tracking your website's data before making any campaign adjustments. Target your audience by location, device and network, and bid on your ads at the right day and time. Avoid using broad keywords and instead use negative keywords and analyze your search terms report to determine which queries drive the most traffic to your website. Lastly, pause all non-converting keywords to gain the most profits from your AdWords campaign.

8 Tips to Up Your Content Marketing Game

Tips to Up Your Content Marketing

Producing content without a strategy will prevent your business from accessing the benefits of this form of marketing. This article suggests having a dedicated content team in your business, and doing research on the type of content your target audience is searching for and engaging with the most. Create an editorial calendar to ensure you’re publishing regularly, and optimize your content for every channel you post, such as social media. Brainstorm for ideas with other members of your team, track and measure your success and remember that your content calendar and strategy could change.

How Any Small Business Can Compete with the Big Boys Using SEO and Social Media

SEO for Small Business

Small businesses face competition against bigger, established businesses in SERPs due to limitations in budget and resources. However, combining strategic social media and SEO tactics will help smaller businesses gain momentum. Small businesses have the most to gain from social media. Hone in on a smaller, niche demographic with the use of long-tail keywords, and generate links from top industry influencers. Choose the best social media network for your business, and create a personalized, authentic presence by responding to comments and being active on each platform. All of these efforts will ensure your small business is ranking highly.

5 Psychology-Based Design Tips to Improve Engagement on Your Website

Psychology-Based Design Tips

Your website should be functional, visually appealing and conversion friendly. However, this article suggests also incorporating psychology-based design principles to engage users. Use colours and fonts on your website that are coherent with your brand while also evoking emotion in your audience. This will require some testing to see which produces the most engagement. You should also maintain symmetry in your website design, unless to draw attention to a button or form, for example. As well, use images and interactive elements to create a visceral reaction in your audience, and keep options, like form fields, to a minimum. Lastly, ensure you’re offering relevant products and services.

How to Make Local Mobile Landing Pages that Convert

Local Mobile Landing Pages

Optimizing your landing pages for mobile devices offers many benefits for local businesses as most mobile users are searching for products or services in their physical location, but without a conversion-friendly mobile landing page, these businesses are missing out on profits. First, ensure your landing page loads quickly to boost your ranking. As well, make your headlines and copy short and simple, and craft a call-to-action specifically for mobile devices. Lastly, make your landing page not only responsive, but designed to accommodate for mobile users, such as for user thumb placement.

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