This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 09 13

This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 09 13

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This week in Internet marketing, we've gathered some of the most compelling and informative articles from across the web. We're looking at reasons why you should limit your ads per page, as well as how to create an effective social media marketing strategy, and debunking some common myths about keywords. We're also looking at digital storytelling tactics for your content marketing strategy, as well as tips for link building.

5 Ways Ads Are Killing Your Site (& SEO)

How ads affect your SEO

Determining the best strategy for your Ad campaigns take time. Some marketers believe more ads mean higher profits, but this isn’t the case when it comes to a single website or page. Clogging your website with ads can greatly affect user experience. Resulting issues like page speed could lead to higher bounce rates, negatively affecting your search engine visibility – and this is just one negative outcome. Having too many ads on your site prevents spiders from properly indexing your pages because these crawlers waste resources on compressing images and dealing with scripting errors, for example. If you’re using more ads than content, or ad types like auto-play with sound, users are going to have a negative experience on your website, which could affect your SEO.

How to Make Social Media Marketing Work for Your Business


Social media marketing can build brand recognition and engage your audience. This article highlights some simple but effective tactics to create a social media marketing strategy, with a focus on B2B businesses – however, these tips are helpful for any business. Use your social platform to develop a human interaction with your audience, and ensure you’ve nailed down your presence on one platform before attempting another. As well, you should have a clear idea of who your customer is and how much they know about your business, this will help you achieve goals beyond “Likes” or shares, such as brand awareness and conversions. Decide on the approach you want to take, and create informative and high-quality content while maintaining interaction with your audience and using digital marketing strategies to boost your organic or paid traffic.

Five Keyword Myths You Need to Forget Right Now


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Keywords are crucial to SEO, however there are many misconceptions about their benefits and how to use them effectively. Many people might think that on-site exact match anchor text isn’t assisting your SEO efforts, however this tactic can increase ranking and build links. As well, keyword research remains an important part of understanding how and what users are searching for, and this research will help you to build your SEO strategy. Targeting low volume keywords will help you to drive conversions and better reach your target audience, and meta descriptions help to increase your CTR. Lastly, optimizing your URL with keywords will increase your rankings.

6 Secrets of Digital Storytelling


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Digital storytelling comes in many forms, including blog posts, ad copy and website content, for example. Your content efforts should focus on the core of captivating storytelling, including a narrative structure that involves a clear beginning, middle and end with a conflict and resolution. This can be as simple as an ad where a product resolves a user problem, or as in-depth as a blog post. As well, content should have emotion, be authentic and be relatable to your audience. This article suggests using storytelling strategies to create an effective content marketing campaign, including systemic story building to create a uniform campaign, and using social media platforms to distribute your content. As well, your content should be insightful and written to fit the medium and needs of the consumer.

Building Links that Boost SERPs


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Backlinks have a significant effect on search engine ranking – even just a small number of high-authority links can make your website rise, or fall, in rankings, so building positive backlinks is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. This article suggests having a resource center on your website with informative, organized content for your users, which will help to attract links, and use content types that generally rank high on search engines as inspiration. Lastly, you should ensure you’re using the necessary tactics to reach your audience and promote your content. All of these efforts will help you to drive traffic and boost your ranking.

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