This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 09 06

This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 09 06

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most helpful articles from across the web. We’re looking at how to write content for a broader target audience, as well as social proof strategies to improve SEO, and which keywords to avoid in your Adwords account. We’re also looking at how to improve your organic reach on Facebook, as well as tips for an effective landing page.

Why It's A Bad Idea to Only Create Content for Your Target Audience

Content Creation Strategy

Quality content can drive conversions, earn links, engage audiences and build brand awareness. However, targeting your content to a very specific audience can make achieving these goals difficult. Other companies are also likely competing for that same market, so creating a broader target audience will provide you with a competitive advantage, as well as more opportunities to be featured in the press, blogs and other websites. As well, there are likely many potential customers that you could be missing out on. Setting your content goals and strategy, distributing content based on target audience and measuring your progress are all ways to create content for a broader audience.

How Social Proof Can Boost SEO


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The extent to which a customer trusts your brand could increase their chances of converting, and social proof can help to build this trust. Customer reviews are a popular form of social proof, however you can also use an expert opinion from an individual your audience trusts, or an influencer who can promote or review your product or service on their social channels. Visually-appealing logos, high subscriber counts, mentions in media and displaying your relationship or work for clients are all ways to engage and build trust with your audience and ultimately boost your SEO.

Bizzare Won't Make You Profitable: Avoid These 4 Types of Search Terms in Your Adwords Account

Keyword for Ads Campaign

Bidding on keywords involves strategy, and there are some important tips to keep in mind. This article suggests to avoid bidding on high-volume, niche keywords as these will be highly competitive and won't be likely to reach your audience. Instead, focus on long-tail keywords that will drive more traffic. As well, bidding on 20 or more similar keywords will make it difficult for users to find your ad on search engines. Lastly, avoiding informational keywords and pausing keywords with a low quality score will help you to create a higher ROI AdWords account.

Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: 5 Ways to Recover Organic Reach

Hacking Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

Achieving organic reach on Facebook can be difficult. Facebook's algorithm prioritizes content it's users have engaged with, leading to higher shares, comments and likes. However, this article highlights some "hacks" you can use to boost your organic reach on this popular social network. Use Facebook's preferred audience targeting to publish posts to users based on interest or location, for example, and post less frequently with higher-quality updates. Using Facebook's post-engagement ads and videos, as well as inviting a targeted group of people who have previously engaged with your posts to like your page are all tactics to improve your organic reach on Facebook.

7 Essential Elements of Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages

This article compares your landing page to a brand ambassador  as this is likely the first page a user will see and is often high on SERPs for your brand. An effective landing page can drive conversions and build engagement. Using an accurate and compelling headline with strong, actionable language and creating your landing page to solve the user's problem or to benefit the user are key areas to start. However, it's also important to be specific in your copy and offers, and create urgency in the form of limited-time offers or holiday sales, for example. Ensure your call-to-action stands out and that the design of your landing page is user-friendly, as well as being clear in your message.

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