This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 08 30

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most helpful articles from across the web. We’re looking at tips to boost conversions through user experience, as well as how to create and harness a community around your blog, and strategies for expanded text ads. We’re also looking at how local links and citations are beneficial for non-local businesses, as well as how overall site speed can increase traffic and conversions.

8 Virtual User Experience Tricks for Better Conversion Results

Virtual User Experience Tricks

When users have a positive experience on your site, they gain a better trust for your brand and are more likely to convert. This article highlights some easy tips you can use to create a more positive user experience. Create a website design with plenty of “breathing space” so the user’s attention is on your call-to-action buttons, and the website as a whole is easier to read. As well, your call-to-actions should be clear and visually appealing. You should also improve your website’s load time to within three seconds, and ensure it’s responsive to all devices. Using bullet points in your content, creating a user friendly 404 error page, adding a search field on your site and ensuring your contact information is easily accessible are all ways to improve user experience.

Seven Strategies for Building a Thriving Community Around Your Blog

Generating a community around your blog helps you to drive traffic, create authority, attract leads and enhance your SEO efforts. There are a few effective methods you can use to create a community around your blog. Your blog should be consistent and speak to a specific group of people who are passionate about the same topic, while also being personal and approachable in your writing. You should also ask readers to interact with your blog through commenting, for example. Create challenges for your readers, and offer value in your writing whether it’s through in-depth commentary or exclusive insights. Track your success and use your blog’s community power to promote a product or service or generate buzz around your blog.

5 Ways to Improve Your Expanded Text Ads Now

Expanded Google Text Ads

Adwords now has 45 more characters, providing you with more opportunity to think strategically about your text ads. There are several ways you can readjust your PPC strategy to compensate for this update. Your ad headlines should attract the user’s attention and be concise, and you should test out your new ads to make sure they perform well. Using the right keywords and emotional triggers, such as laughter, curiosity, anger, fear, empathy and joy, and writing ads that work for any device are all ways to create strong expanded text ads.

Why Every Website (Not Just Local Sites) Should Invest in Local Links and Citations

Local Links And Citations
Regardless of whether your site is local or non-local, local links and citations can help you to boost your rankings and authority, drive traffic and increase visibility. Local links and citations allow people to find your store more easily on maps and SERPs when they are nearby, and encourage traffic in-store or online. For online-only stores, local links will allow for the use of long-tail keywords and provide a competitive edge, while also signaling to Google that your site is more trustworthy. For local businesses, the benefits are obvious – but non-local businesses should also consider local links and citations.

How to Make Speed a Core Part of Your Traffic and Conversion Strategy

Traffic And Conversion Strategy

Image Source

Speed is important to the success of your site. When access to your website and pages are slow, users are less likely to hang around or convert. Optimizing your site speed can have a significant effect on your traffic and conversions, and there are some simple strategies you can implement to accomplish this. Your site’s load time should be fast, and you can increase it through a host or CDN, as well as by removing add-ons or plugins and compressing images. You should also ensure your website is responsive, and consider using a progress bar to indicate to a user where they are in a process, such as payment. Lastly, limiting the amount of forms and sign-up pages, and optimizing customer-support time are all ways you can increase speed to boost conversions.

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