This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 07 12

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in internet marketing, we've gathered some of the most interesting and helpful articles from across the web. We're looking at tips for collecting leads using Google Adwords, as well as the strategies that go into great web photos, and helpful SEO strategies for social media marketers. We're also looking at common mistakes in DIY PPC campaigns, and how content creation can improve your social media management.

How to Collect Leads Using Google Adwords

Leads Using Google Adwords
Google Adwords continues to be a great tool for collecting leads. Many marketers would disagree with this strategy, but that's simply because Google has very particular standards for landing pages. But so long as you stick to the rules and set up a Google-friendly landing page, there are plenty of opportunities to collect leads through AdWords. Your landing page needs to be easy to navigate, it needs to load quickly, and as always, your content should be truthful and transparent.

How to Create Images That Attract & Convince Your Target Niche?

Images That Convince Target Niche

Studies show that our brains prioritize visual information over written info, so next time you need to post a photo on one of your web assets, don't just choose any old stock photo and throw it on there. Finding a great image requires you to turn to certain key theories of psychology. A great image is one that speaks to your audience on a symbolic level, meaning it triggers reactions on both the conscious and unconscious level. Your image should create an experience and tap into the desires of the user.

5 SEO Strategies for Social Media you Need to Know Before you Hit Publish

SEO Strategies for Social Media
Social media managers may want to take a page out of the proverbial SEO playbook and start incorporating some of the foundations of SEO strategies. All social content should be segmented, searchable, snackable, and shareable. You can also listen in on social conversations by following hashtags and keywords, using tools like Hootsuite, Klout and Google Alerts. From there, you can identify trends, influencers, and recurring questions within a particular niche.

3 Common Mistakes Made in Do-it-Yourself PPC

Mistakes Made in Do-it-Yourself PPC

Managing your own PPC account rather than hiring a professional is an ambitious endeavour. Keeping on top of the emerging PPC trends and features is really time consuming, not to mention monitoring and optimizing the account on a daily basis. Some common mistakes by DIY PPC'ers including bidding too low, trying to do too much in one ad group, and falling behind on the latest innovations.

How to Survive The Social Media Jungle with Smart Content Curation

Smart Content Curation

Social media content curation is designed to save you time and money while keeping your audience engaged in your brand. Invest the time upfront so that in the long run, you'll have a great, engaging social presence without having to spend all your time on your various channels. Start by creating a content calendar—you can create a list of great topics and links you want to share, and then incorporate that list into something like Google Calendar, which is a great way to set up your schedule and create alerts for yourself. You can also make your life easier with a curation app and by building a content library.

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