This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 06 07

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in Internet Marketing, we've gathered some of the most interesting and helpful articles from across the web. We're looking at optimizing landing pages for phone calls, as well as building backlinks for all new sites, and great PPC management tools. We're also looking at content strategy tips, and Google analytics reports that should be in every marketer's toolbox.

6 Ways to Optimize a Landing Page for Phone Calls

Optimizing Landing Pages for Phone Calls

If you're looking to bring in more phone calls from your landing pages, there are a number of tips and tricks to help get your phone ringing. After all, the conversion rate of phone calls is 30-50%, while clicks are only 1-2%. Also, one study found that adding Click-to-Call to your listing improves call rates by 200%. And CTC is quite easy to add to your listing, you can quit easily code it into the page with the help of a Google help guide. And remember to always incorporate an effective CTA to your landing pages, for maximum results.

4 Effective Ways to Build Backlinks for a Brand New Site

Build Backlinks For A Brand New Site

Starting out with a new site and trying to build backlinks may be daunting, but it can be done. At the outset, you want to focus on building your name and becoming more known to your client base. Invest time and effort in a great photo gallery and then send the link out to medium-to-high profile bloggers and let them know they can share the link for free, so long as they link back to you. If a photo gallery is not your thing, maybe you can create a great free tool that will draw links back to your site. It's also important to study your competitors and learn from their backlink strategy.

Max Your PPC Management With These Tools

It's no longer a wise option to rely solely on your SEO-fueled organic rankings—any effective marketing strategy now needs to also incorporate PPC. Paid ads now occupy more real estate than ever in search results, pushing organic results below the fold on most SERPs. There are some great, helpful and user-friendly tools out there to help you improve your PPC strategy. This article breaks down the cost and value-added of a selection of PPC management tools by outlining the tools that help boost your quality score compared with those that are particularly designed for your remarketing efforts.

10 Content Strategy Practices That Will Make You a Better Marketer in 2016

Content Strategy Practices

Even if you don't have a specific person on your team dedicated to content marketing, you can still benefit from incorporating the most useful lessons of content marketing into your strategy. Your content should always be relevant, current and organized, but you can only know how your content looks once you've created a full inventory list and audit of your content across all channels. From there, you need to clearly articulate the division of responsibilities across your marketing team to identify the person responsible for each stage of work, from content creation to production to distribution to maintenance.

7 Essential Google Analytics Reports Every Marketer Must Know

Essential Google Analytics Reports

Mastering Google Analytics takes patience, perseverance and strategy. There's an overload of information and it can be tricky to distinguish the pertinent from the unimportant. There are certain reports that all marketers should incorporate into their regular routine. The Mobile Performance Report will help you keep on top of mobile, which is an absolutely must for every marketer. The Traffic Acquisition Report will help you to understand exactly who is clicking on your ads and which external sites are sending traffic to you. Other important reports help you to identify the efficiency of your content, to look at your bounce rate and to analyze your keyword use.

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