This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 05 31

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in Internet Marketing, we've gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from around the web. This week we're looking at ways to optimize your blog for SEO, as well as the overlap between SEO and UX, and strategies for boosting your remarketing ROI. We're also looking at clever ways to top your competition online, and a list of useful skills every link building should know.

SEMrush Guide to SEO for Your Blog

Bloggers can no longer get away with simply writing great content—they must factor in SEO tools and tactics if they want to successful build their online audience. This means ramping up both your onpage and offpage strategies. Onpage tactics include using relevant meta tags, Google-friendly headlines, and effective calls to action. Offpage strategies are all about building your profile by getting backlinks to your site, and writing guest blogs for other reputable sites.

Five ways UX blends with SEO to improve a site’s performance

SEO and UX

SEO and  User Experience (UX) are like two peas in a pod, locked together in a bond of digital marketing awesomeness. These days, SEO cannot reach its full potential without the help of UX, and the reason the two work so well together is that the user's needs and intents are at the heart of both of them. For example, creating great, readable and helpful content is a boost to SEO and UX at once. Visual content should be optimized to be the right size for the page and to not overwhelm the rest of the content on the page.

5 Little Known Strategies to Use Retargeting The Right Way

In order to really maximize your ROI, your retargeting efforts should do more than bring users back to your site. After all, that user left your site, so if you want them to convert, you may need to do more than bring them back to the very same page. Instead, set a goal and map out the steps for reaching that goal. Retargeting gives you the chance to upsell, to cross sell and to pull people through the sales funnel with new offers and promotions.

Five competitive advertising strategies to outsmart your competition

Competitive Advertising Strategies

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Embrace the spirit of competition by finding new ways to take business away from your rivals. Take advantage of Facebook's interest-based targeting, which allows you to target users whose interests include your competitor, and then focus your ads directly at that group. You can also download and target your competitors' Twitter followers. Also, Google Display Network allows you to create an affinity audience, which would be based on the home page of your competitor and Google would then target visitors and assess those people's behaviours and interests.

5 Essential Skills that Great Link Builders Know

Links Building Skills

Being a great link builder is about more than increasing the number of sites linking to you. It's just as important to be able to assess the authority and relevance of other sites, and to be able to crawl through sites and pinpoint redirect and crawl errors. Also, knowing how to maintain a well-balanced link profile is a bit of an art in itself. It's important to ensure you're spanning a variety of keywords and not relying too heavily on one or two.

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