This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 04 26

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in internet marketing, we've gathered some of the best and most helpful articles from across the web. We're looking at a few easily avoidable digital marketing mistakes, as well as tips for increasing traffic by making content more mobile-friendly, and a list of common Local SEO myths. We're also looking at types of content your blog needs, and tips to boost your SEO with an improved internal linking strategy.

5 Simple Digital Marketing Mistakes you Should Avoid

Companies that want to see success in their digital marketing campaigns and that want to increase conversions need to stop treating digital marketing like an afterthought. There's no longer a need for the silo-ing digital and traditional marketing because the more you can integrate all marketing efforts, the better the results. Also, don't try to master every social media channel—instead, be strategic in the channels you're going to commit to, and then keep those accounts updated and fresh. Also, many companies gather data on their traffic, metrics and conversions, but then make little effort to react to and adjust their strategy accordingly. When it comes to a smart strategy, be nimble and embrace change when necessary.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly for Increased Traffic and Engagement

Make The Content Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly sites are those that are easy to read, not only on desktop, but on smaller devices as well. This means the text is readable, the links are easy to click on and move through, and the content is easy to consume. Google also has a tool that allows you to to test how well your site looks on mobile. Some things to avoid on mobile include pop-ups, which are less conducive on mobile than desktop. Also, cut down on anything busy or distracting--you don't want to overwhelm the user with a number of distracting components competing for their attention.

The 9 Most Common Local SEO Myths, Dispelled

Local SEO Myths

The finer points of local SEO can be confusing, and as a result, there are a number of myths floating around out there about how it all works. But this list can help to distinguish between fact and fiction. For example, despite widely held assumptions, deleting a Google My Business listing does not delete your full listing, and your business can continue to appear in Google Maps and may even still rank. On that note, improving your rankings on Maps is closely entwined with all the work you're doing for organic SEO—each one helps to boost the other. Also, despite what Google says, G+ posts won't specifically help with your local ranking.

5 Types of Content Your Company Blog Needs

Your company blog is an essential part of the sales funnel—it helps to draw users in to your site through a blog post, at which point your site should guide that user towards service and product pages. Your blog is a great way to engage users and demonstrate the breadth of your company's knowledge. Consider using infographics in your blog, which are a visually-compelling way to include content that is easily digestible, informative and chocked full of interesting facts. You may also want to include List content ( like Top 10 lists), video content, and How-to guides.

Improve internal linking for SEO: Calculate Internal PageRank

Internal Linking for SEO

Search engines look at the number and quality of links that send users to your site, all of which factors into your site's page rank. This goes for internal links as well, so for example if you link to your About Us page from your home page, Google will count that as a relevant and useful link. Your internal links need to be organized carefully and optimized properly to have a positive impact on your page rank. User experience needs to play a crucial role when developing your site's navigation and architecture, but you can also find opportunities to link to your site's pages within the context of any content or copy written on your site. There are a number of testing tools to ensure you're making the most of your internal links.

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    That internal links tip is gold!
    Currently we just have links to our pages in your bog standard nav bar, not within paragraphs for the crawlers to be able to pick up context.
    Penning this down to crack on with implementing it before the week is out 😀
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