This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 03 29

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best stories and articles from around the web. We’re looking at tips for engaging your social media audience through the principles of psychology, as well as the importance of human connection and engagement in all link building strategies, and common mistakes to avoid with Facebook advertising. We're also looking at the strongest metrics to use for keyword research, and a handful of easy but smart tips for building backlinks.


7 Powerful Psychology Hacks That’ll Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Psychology Hacks

What better way to understand your consumer and meet their needs than to leverage the lessons of psychology? Boost your social media engagement with a few simple tricks. For example, take advantage of social proof, which includes highlighting the number of likes, shares and follows to encourage more people to follow the herd. Also, studies find that happy, upbeat posts are shared more widely than negative, sad and angry posts. You may also want to create excitement around posts by assuring your audience they'll receive new, interesting, helpful and entertaining information by clicking on your link or by otherwise engaging with  your post.

Link building is a human endeavor

Link Building

Link building isn't a marketing task that can be left to an automated system, it is a marketing tactic that boils down to human connection, networking, and community. Sure, links from reputable sites can boost your SEO, but the real purpose of links has always been to help users travel through the web. Also, search engines have become a lot more sophisticated at pinpointing spam links, so the best value comes building links back to your site that prioritize the user and build connections with other sites.

60 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Make You Look like a Rookie

Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Your Facebook ads will be most successful when your brand has an amazing offer that's carefully targeted at the ideal audience in the best part of the sales funnel. It's a tricky balance to strike, but it all boils down to strong communication. Some ads miss the mark by not clearly identifying why and how the offer will be beneficial. The call to action must be clearly spelled out. The headline should also tell the audience what the offer is, and explain to the reader why this offer will be helpful.

The essential metrics to analyze for keyword research success

Keyword Research

Not all keyword research metrics are created equally—some are far more effective than others in pinpointing the best possible keywords for a campaign or marketing objective. Google's keyword planner is a tried and tested tool for outlining search volume, but there are some easy tips you can keep in mind to avoid getting any skewed results. Consider also measuring search volumes over time to project growth, seasonal changes, etc. Measuring the average organic impressions and clicks can help you to be more fine tuned in your ad spend and reducing your cost per click.

How to Safely Earn Four Backlinks This Weekend

Earn Backlinks

When it comes to getting backlinks to your site, think quality over quantity. Marketing strategies that strives only for high numbers of links end up being spam-y, whereas quality backlinks can improve a site's traffic, authority and conversion rate. A small handful of great backlinks from industry influencers, for example, can work wonders. Even writing a well-placed guestblog or creating a helpful and clever infographic can be great tools for then pulling in strong backlinks.

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