This Week In Internet Marketing – 2016 03 14

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best stories and articles from around the web. We’re looking at key measurements to help increase revenue, as well as considering a new outlook on modern SEO, and we're also asking which digital marketing services are the hottest right now. We're looking at Spring cleaning for your PPC strategy, and the latest in the world of ad blockers.

4 Key Measurements to Increase Engagement and Revenue

Increase Engagement and Revenue

Small businesses looking to compete with large scale, global competitors need to find creative ways to increase engagement with their online customer base. Try measuring certain specific key performance indicators to identify ways to get users to spend more time on your site and to convert more often. Improve these findings by striving for smart design and a user-friendly site with a minimal number of spam-y banners and pop-ups. And remember to keep mobile users top of mind. There are specific and helpful tools available for measuring engagement of mobile users.

Is modern SEO more than the sum of independent parts?

Modern SEO

SEO strategies include a variety of tactics, from on-site optimization to link building to social media, but each tactic is about more than improving organic rankings. At the heart of each strategy, the wider goal is to build loyalty and relationships with your customer base. Modern SEO isn't a standalone strategy, rather it's the outcome of a collection of other strategies.

SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, or SMM: Which Services Sell Best?

Services Sell Best

In the world of digital marketing, the highest selling service is SEO, and it also has the highest chance of leading to conversions, according to recent research. But in the cases of social media and content marketing, users are curious about these services but less prepared to invest in those services. Latest trends also show, strangely enough, topics and niches that are really popular and highly searched often don't convert as often—i.e. searches don't necessarily lead to sales.

5 Steps to Clean Up Your PPC Keywords

PPC Keywords Cleanup

Spring cleaning is about more than just clearing out the damp leaves in your garden. In the world of Pay Per Click advertising, this is a great time of year to revisit your account structure, assess the performance of strategies and campaigns, and clean up your keyword lists. Remove seasonal keywords that are no longer relevant, and also tailor your negative keywords to attract users who are most likely to be interested in those keywords.

What Every CMO Should Know About Adblockers

Pop-up ads may be frustrating for users, but they are also effective. And yet the rise of ad blockers will cost approximately $41.4 billion in advertising revenue by later this year. Some websites, like Forbes, have blocked all content to users who have an ad blocker program installed on their device. Digital advertising will adapt by becoming less intrusive and more relevant to the user, with the aim of eliminating a need for or interest in ad blockers.

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