This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 03 01

This Week In Internet Marketing

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This week in internet marketing, we've gathered some of the best stories and articles from around the web. We're looking at ways to make your content remarkable, as well as the importance of having an accessible website and how Facebook's new reactions tool is changing social media marketing. We're also looking at tips for writing content that effectively converts users and lastly, we outline a strategy for dealing with objections to your landing page.

5 Reasons Why Audiences Only Accept Remarkable Content and Ideas

Remarkable Content

As the world of online content becomes increasingly oversaturated and as people's attention spans are reaching new lows, the role of strong storytelling, clear writing and effective communication are crucial. But audiences are looking for more than just good writing. The way we consume information, watch videos, engage with advertisements, etc., has changed so drastically in such a short time that marketers have yet to make sense of it all. But you can't go wrong by working hard at having a website that's entertaining, helpful and as unique as possible.

Why Accessibility is key for Search and Visibility

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Accessible website content is that which is usable for people with disabilities. 1/5 of internet users are living with some type of disability, so by catering to that community and making materials available to them, companies open themselves up to a whole new demographic. There are great new innovations for making online materials accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments, as well as those with mobility restrictions, and people with intellectual or learning disabilities. Also, the number of people with disabilities is expected to increase as the Baby Boomer generation ages, so this is a great time to find creative new ways to communicate with your readers.

Facebook Reactions: What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook Reactions

The new Facebook reactions give users the chance to respond to posts with more than a simple "like"—people can now get more specific in their response by including an emoji. For companies and brands using Facebook, this will provide a more nuanced understanding of users reactions. Reactions expressing approval are now more specific than the "like", whereas unhappy users now have a quick way of expressing their thoughts. This tool may be especially useful for competitor research—you can gauge reactions to announcements, service changes, etc. on other pages and then revise your own communication strategies accordingly.

How to Write Compelling Copy: 7 Tips for Writing Content That Converts

Writing Content That Converts

Clear and concise copy is the first step in creating strong content, but compelling copy that leads users along the path to conversion is a careful science unto itself. Copy that makes users feel like important members of an exclusive group can go a long way toward meaningful engagement.  Use emotion and metaphor in your copy to develop your brand's image and to help users to associate your company with a larger vision. Include urgency to compel users to act.

Overcoming Objections on Your Landing Pages - Whiteboard Friday

Overcoming Objections on Landing Pages

Landing pages are often designed with the goal of getting visitors to take an action, sign up for a list or a trial, or even buy a product or service, but it can be tricky to optimize for those goals. Companies that are dealing with low conversion rates may want to try a formalized and strategic survey to learn more about the actions, objections and the degree of loyalty users have for your brand. Marketers can then review users' objections, assess the shortfalls of the information they've been providing, and find new ways to highlight products and services on the landing page based on that info.

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