This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 01 19

This Week In Internet Marketing

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

This week in internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best stories and articles from the web. We’re looking at simple tips for improving your site's SEO as well as useful questions to ask before hiring a web designer, and how search engine's functionalities are adapting to users' needs and style of search. We're also looking at mobile's impact on PPC marketing, and easy ways to incorporate more emotional appeal in your site's calls to action.


5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website's SEO

5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Website’s SEO

It's easy to get caught up learning all the newest bells and whistles of digital marketing and forget to take a step back and make sure you have a strong foundation built on best practices. For example, keep an eye on algorithmic penalties and be sure to address them immediately. Also, remember to run a technical website audit every now and then to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And try taking your keywords research to the next level by looking at your own metrics and doing market research.

13 Questions You Should Ask Your Website Designer

Website design and development are so technical and complex that it's difficult to know what to look for when hiring a designer or developer.  Find out whether this is their full-time job or a hobby -- full-timers are often more committed to the project and have more invested in their work. Make sure the designer has some sales or marketing experience, and ensure that when the project is done, that you own all the original artwork on the site (designers can legally claim copyright of their work).


Revisiting "Navigational," "Informational," & "Transactional" Searches in a Post-PageRank World

Revisiting “Navigational,” “Informational,” & “Transactional” Searches In A Post-PageRank World

The way users search is evolving alongside and simultaneously with the way algorithms function, and while some of the old rules and basics will continue to apply, the style of our search queries is changing the way search engines operate. The best example is the rise of Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) apps like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana. Google has also introduced Know Simple, for short factual searches that have straightforward informational answers.


How Mobile Transformed PPC Marketing

How Mobile Transformed PPC Marketing

In 2015, mobile searches surpassed desktop for the first time, so if your mobile site isn't optimized, your users may start taking their business elsewhere. But there are easy steps to help you earn leads on mobile, like the AdWords "click to call" button to speed up conversion rates. Also, as AdBlock is on the rise with browsers, there's no content-blocking opportunity for in-app advertising, which means ads on Facebook mobile, for example, are more valuable than ever.


6 Easy Ways to Incorporate Emotional Appeals Into Your Website's Call to Actions

6 Easy Ways To Incorporate Emotional Appeals Into Your Website’s Call To Actions

Your site's calls to action (CTAs) are the tools, phrases and buttons you use to turn users into leads, sales or other desired actions.  An effective CTA needs an emotional hook to tap into the user's feelings and inspire them to act. This may mean inspiring hopeful feelings of love from an online dating site, or it may mean tapping into the users fear of failure or fear of change.


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    This is really good information. I really like the emotional tie in for the call to actions. The reality is it is either fear of change, fear of failure or fear of loss really get the clicks through. Most people want to know what it will do for them. Thanks Emily for the good information.

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    Thanks Emily, great info on SEO, Website Design, Evolution of Search, Mobile PPC Marketing, Emotional CTA on Your Website. And yes I do want the smiley coffee cup 🙂
    Regards, James

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    Truly the best marketing tips for beginners and intermediate level of users. 🙂 Cheers. -Fareeha

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