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This Week in Internet Marketing, we're looking at psychological triggers that increase conversions, email marketing strategies to increase open rates, and ways to use video for social networking. We'll also be looking at the 80/20 rule for content creation and a list of naughty or nice SEO practices.

7 Psychological Triggers for Mind-Blowing Conversions, Sales, and Growth

27 Psychological Triggers For Mind-Blowing Conversions, Sales, And Growth

There has always been a tie between psychology and marketing. The way people think and react to specific colours, fonts, and messages can truly impact the way they interact with your business. Sometimes, businesses focus too much on creating a website that is perfect for search engines and neglect the fact that their main customers aren't the computers, but real people. To further examine how psychology can improve conversion and sales for your business, take a look at the examples in this article.

7 Valuable Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Open Rates

Email Marketing Strategies

Checking our emails is one of the most frequent things we do throughout the day. For many people, our inbox is synced to our mobile devices. This way, we are notified about every email that comes through. However, how many of those emails do you actually open? According to MarketingProfs, the standard open rate for an email is only 11-15%. In order to increase open rates, you will need to improve the deliverability of your emails. Check out this article for some valuable email marketing strategies that can boost your open rates.

29 Killer Ways to Use Video for Social Networking


There is no doubt that video marketing is on the rise and incorporating it into your marketing strategy is a must. This is especially true if your business is building their presence or social media. Using videos in your social media marketing strategy is a great way to network and grow your business. Not only does it increase engagement, videos is a perfect way to interact with your followers. Take a look at this article to see how you can use videos to drive positive results for your business on social media.

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Your Content Creation and Promotion Strategies

Applying The 80/20 Rule

Although building a blog and creating content for your business is important, so is promoting your creations. You may be writing engaging, resourceful, and evergreen blogs, but the blog will only reach a limited number of audiences if you don't promote it. That's why marketers suggest the 80/20 rule for blog creation and promotions. Spending time to create a high-quality piece of content is critical, but promoting the blog is just as important. Check out this article to see how the 80/20 rule can be properly applied to your content and attract the attention it deserves.

9 ‘Naughty or Nice’ SEO Practices

Black Hat SEO Practices

If you want to rank high on search engines, implementing a quality SEO strategy and using white hat SEO techniques is extremely critical. However, SEO takes time and many people choose to take shortcuts to get to the top of search engine result pages. Unfortunately, search engines will punish a business for these black hat tactics and place them on the 'naughty' list. Check out this article to find out whether you're on the 'nice' list of search engines or the 'naughty' list.

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    Hi Cherry
    I’m loving your roundups. I especially liked Sujan Patel’s take on the 80/20 rule for content promotion / creation. As he says, the optimum ratio will vary with each marketer.
    Keep it up!

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