This Week In Internet Marketing 2015 11 17

This Week In Internet Marketing

This Week in Internet Marketing, we've gathered some of the best stories and articles around the web. In our latest marketing round-up, we'll be looking at landing page design tips, critical elements of a website's homepage, and tips to encourage clicks. We'll also be looking at how marketing and psychology influences our decision and examples of video content that can drive more leads for your business.

6 Landing Page Design Tips to Help Build Your Audience

6 Landing Page Design Tips To Help Build Your Audience

Your landing pages act as a lead generation tool for your business. Essentially, your landing pages are created to encourage visitors to click through to another page or capture user data. Although you may have a website, your homepage is too broad to drive different actions. By creating customized landing pages dedicated to a service or product, you can drive visitors to take on a specific call to action. Therefore, designing it's crucial to design a landing page that will drive results. Take a look at this article to see how you can improve the design of your landing page.

12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

Website Homepage Elements

Your homepage is the virtual front door to your business or company. It welcomes your visitors in and leaves them with a first impression. Most of the time, your homepage is responsible for drawing in some of your website's traffic. However, when it's not designed appropriately, it may cause visitors to leave without converting. In order to have an effective homepage that can encourage your visitors to continue navigating through your site, it needs to be built with a purpose. Check out this article to see how you can modify specific elements of your website to increase traffic and conversions for your business.

Click Here: 16 Hacks That’ll Get Your Call-to-Action Buttons Clicked

Call to Action

Call-to-actions are used to invite visitors to click and convert. They are a critical component for driving leads and conversions for your website. In order to encourage more clicks, the design, colour, text, and other important elements of the CTA needs to be optimized properly. If you want customers to take the action you want them to, you need to ensure your CTA is clickable and located properly on your site. Take a look at this article for different ways to generate more leads by improving your call to actions.

Psychology and #Marketing: What Influences Our Decisions

Phycology In Marketing 2

Our mind and behaviour can directly affect the way we view messages and absorb information. For a long time, psychology and marketing have always gone hand in hand. Many marketing campaigns have shown significant results when applying psychology into their marketing strategies. A majority of these strategies, like pay per click, Facebook advertising, and landing pages persuade people and influence them to take a specific action. Check out this article to see how you can use psychology to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

13 Video Content Marketing Examples That'll Energize Your Funnel

Video Content Marketing Examples

The use of visual content is one of the best way to stand out in a crowd of boring texts. Not only are they easier and faster for the human brain to process, but they tend to yield higher clicks and conversions. This is why video content continues to be a popular way for people to obtain information. Videos are engaging and packed with information in the form of visuals and sound. With different types of video content available, you can create videos that can target specific audiences. Take a look at this article to see how you can create videos that can help different stages of your marketing funnel.

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