This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 07 21

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 07 21

Happy Tuesday! We've gathered some of the best Internet marketing stories of the week. This week, we're looking at mobile landing page tips, message match issues on landing pages, and common keyword mistakes. We'll also be looking at ways to improve conversion rates and tips on local search optimization.

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7 Mobile Landing Page Tips You Can Implement Tomorrow!

Since the mobile-friendly algorithm update in April, marketers and business owners have optimized their website to become mobile-friendly. Although the websites are mobile-friendly, many are forgetting to optimize their PPC landing pages. A form on your landing page can look short to fill on a desktop, but may seem too long and clustered on a mobile device. Check out this article for a few tips to create a powerful mobile landing page.

Message Match: One Weird Trick for Better Landing Pages


Pictures can be deceiving and things like your display advertisement can be deceiving too when you're not creating them accurately. Businesses create an ad in hopes of redirecting consumers to their webpage and converting. However, visitors come across the message match problem, where the ad does not match the offer on the landing page. Although some ads convey the correct message, their visual components could be wrong too. This causes confusion and visitors to leave the page immediately. Check out this article to see how you can avoid these message match problems.

The 4 Common Keyword Mistakes


Your PPC ads are running and your landing pages are optimized, but why aren't you getting the right leads? One of the reasons for this could be your keywords. More often than not, businesses are competing for the wrong keywords or have a poor negative keyword strategy. In addition, keywords aren't being assessed on performance and ability to obtain a low cost per lead. These common keyword mistakes can cause businesses to attain poor quality traffic. Take a look at this article to see if you're making any of these keyword mistakes.

Infographic: A Marketer’s Guide to Combating Conversion Killers


When you're writing a blog, creating a strong landing page, designing an attractive website, or engaging on social, you're hoping to generate quality leads for your business. Oftentimes, you're attracting a great amount of traffic, but none of them are converting. Whether it's getting a visitor to purchase a product, sign up to your newsletter, or provide you with their email, there are conversion killers that cause visitors to leave without performing these actions. In fact, 80% of these abandoning visitors never return to the website. Check out this infographic for 5 problems that might be affecting your website's conversion.

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search Optimization


According to a Google Study, 50% of mobile users are very likely to visit a store physically within a day of searching the store online. Many studies have shown that local search optimization can be extremely beneficial for businesses. From increasing sales to building local awareness, local SEO is a great marketing strategy for small businesses. Google My Business and local directories allow searchers to gather more information about your company.  Thus, increasing the chance of them visiting your store. Take a look at this article for a guide on local search optimization.

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