This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 07 14

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 07 14

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week, we're looking at conversion rate optimization mistakes, ways to collect leads, and how to build brand awareness. We'll also be looking at the importance of humour in social media and why you might need better forms.

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7 Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes You’re Making


When you're trying to showcase your business online through a website, it's important to create one that drives results. A business' website is more than a place to show consumers your products and services, but a place to encourage conversion and drive sales. However, many websites fail to have landing pages that are effective. Yet, when businesses create strong landing pages, the content and experience doesn't match their business causing consumers to leave. There are many reasons why your website isn't converting. Check out this article to see if you're making any of these conversion rate optimization mistakes!

How to Faster Collect Leads


Businesses often neglect email marketing for their online marketing strategy. However, email marketing continues to be an integral strategy to generate conversions for your business. Also, it's a great way to generate sales, increase brand visibility, and engage with your customers. In fact, the number of sales generated from email marketing has risen by 27% in just one year. People on your email list are often those who are genuinely interested in your product. So, how can you find more of these qualifying prospects to sign up for your emails? Take a look at this article for different ways to collect more leads.

18 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness


It's often misunderstood that brand awareness is only for big brands like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. However, brand awareness is important for all kinds of businesses, whether you're small or medium sized. It's an effective way to allow customers to recognize and remember your brand. Since consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they trust, brand awareness can draw customers and even allow you to connect with lost leads. Find out how you can build brand awareness for your business in this great article.

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How Big Brands Are Using Humour on Social Media (and Why You Should Too)

Big Brands Humour Social Media

Picture this: you're scrolling through your Twitter and Facebook, but all you see are wordy texts and the usual status updates from your favourite brands and friends. Boring right? Today, humour has become a critical part of social media. Whenever people are browsing through their social media feeds, they would much rather see something funny to make them smile. Not only are they looking for humourous posts from their friends, but also their brands as well. If you don't think humour should be part of your social media strategy, you might need to think twice. Take a look at this article to see why you should spice up your social with humour.

Your Website Needs (Better) Forms


How do you know if your website is driving sales or conversions? Forms are an important component of your website. However, some businesses may not feel a need for them or doesn't spend enough time to create one that encourages visitors to fill out. If your business' website has different forms, such as the contact form, checkout form, or "request" form, then you need to optimize each of them differently. Since their goals are different, you can't have the same form for all of them. Check out this article to see why your website may need better forms.

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