This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 02 17

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 02 17

Welcome to another week of This Week in Internet Marketing! This week we want to share with you an article that can help you understand the timeline of SEO. As well,  the power of Google+ and how it can help increase your search engine results.  With 84% of all consumers reading online reviews, we're going to look at some rules for handling your business' local reviews. We'll also check out a few tips for creating a strong company about us page and the details on the new Facebook Relevance Score.

Understanding & Explaining A Realistic SEO Timeline

Understanding & Explaining A Realistic SEO Timeline

The success of your SEO is a combination of team effort, patience, and long-term thinking. This means that SEO requires time and improvements, so it can lead to results that strengthen over time. Take a look at this article for a deeper understanding towards the timeline of SEO and how different things can impact how long it takes to see results.

How to Increase SEO with Google+


You might be wondering why you need Google+ when you're already on Twitter and Facebook. The truth is that Google+ is a powerful social media platform that can boost your search engine rankings. Since Google+ is owned by Google, the use of their own platform will help expand your online presence. Check out this article for a Google+ strategy that can benefit your SEO.

8 Unbreakable Rules for Handling Local Reviews

8 Unbreakable Rules for Handling Local Reviews

Last week, we talked about how online reviews can influence your consumers. Handling your reviews  properly can help improve your business' reputation. Whether your reviews are negative or positive, it's important to remain a high level of customer service. The quality and quantity of your reviews can also affect your business' ranking in search engines. Take a look at these rules to see how you can handle your online reviews to improve your business, as well as your rankings.

9 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page That Works For Your Brand


Analytics have often shown the company's about us page as one of the most frequented on any website. However, it's difficult to talk about your company without being too hard selling. Therefore, you need to create a balanced page that focuses on your audiences, while telling your company's story. Check out these simple tips to create an about us page that can make you stand out from your competitors.

Facebook's New Ads Relevance Score Will Determine Your Ad Cost & Placement


The new Facebook Relevance Score is Facebook's new effort in improving the ads on users' Facebook News Feed. The scores are based on a scale of 1 to 10, which measures how relevant your ad's will be for its targeted audiences. This score can ultimately affect your ad's price. Check out this article to see how this new score will impact your Facebook advertising.

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