This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 10 27

This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 10 27

This week we're talking about generating lead strategies, the most impactful ways to optimize your paid search campaigns, creating custom audiences in Facebook, great tools for SEO and PPC, and why the look of your website impacts your link building.


6 Lead Generation Strategies From Fast-Growing Startups


Lead generation is essential in running a successful business online. You have to ensure that whether your visitors are first timers are returning fans, they're taking action that's leading towards new business for you. This article outlines six lead generation strategies from start-ups who saw great traction from the get-go.


3 Small Paid Search Optimizations With Huge Impact

3 Small Paid Search Optimizations With Huge Impact

When it comes to the work you do online, doing the least amount of work and getting the biggest impact from it is ideal. While that's not always possible, these three actions you can do for your PPC campaign will help you get closer to that goal!


How to Create Custom Audiences in Facebook

How to Create Custom Audiences in Facebook

Your Facebook advertisements are next to useless unless they're reaching the right audience. But how will you know who that audience is? And how do you target those people so your ads successfully reach them? This easy-to-understand article breaks down how to create custom audiences.


14 of The Best Paid Search and SEO Tools

14 of The Best Paid Search and SEO Tools

Paid Search and SEO are constantly changing industries. Keeping up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks from these areas is both time consuming and confusing. Familiarizing yourself with a few of these 14 tools will easily keep you on top of the optimization game!


SEO 101: Why Design Matters in Link Acquisition

Backlinks do many things for your SEO: They increase visibility online, increase traffic, and increase your chances of ranking higher on search engines like Google. But if you have an ugly site, your efforts to obtain high quality back-links are going to be up-hill battles. This article outlines why the appearance of your website really does have an impact on your links and your overall SEO.


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