This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 08 12

This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 08 12

Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! Grab your tea or coffee because we have a bunch of helpful guides for you this week including: How is Google Now Changing Online Interactions; Going HTTPS/SSL Will Now Give You A Ranking Benefit In Google; 3 Super-Actionable Keyword Research Tips to Try Right Now; How Not To: 5 Twitter Traps Businesses Should Avoid; Want to Measure Social ROI? Start with These 5 Cross-Channel Metrics; and Not Provided: A Complete Roundup.

How Google is Now Changing Online Interactions

Intelligent, virtual personal assistants have become part of our daily lives, especially when performing tasks or surfing online. Google Now appears to be the most promising of these tools. Using its predictive search, it can help you receive information that related just to you and your interests such as flight itineraries, local news & weather, baseball scores, and stock picks. It can also be used in conjunction with Google+ Local to great affect by businesses looking for a better opportunity to reach their target audience. Read this helpful article for more information.

Going HTTPS/SSL Will Now Give You A Ranking Benefit In Google



Google announced early last Thursday morning that they are now using SSL/HTTPS as a ranking signal in their search algorithm. While the signal it provides is weak and Google has said it will only have an impact on “fewer than 1% of global queries, they have stated they may increase the impact of this signal in time. Matt Cutts even took the time to tweet about it despite being on leave.

3 Super-Actionable Keyword Research Tips to Try Right Now

This helpful guide provides three keyword research tips that internet marketers can use to find new keywords: Google’s Suggest Wild Cards, your “Hero’s” home page, and “Larry’s Secret Competitive Index Formula,” which was revealed in a recent webinar. All of these methods can provide some helpful insights and are worth giving a try.

How Not To: 5 Twitter Traps Businesses Should Avoid

Using Twitter for your business is an important tool but it can be easy for businesses to fall into some common bad habits. This guide will help you figure out what you may be doing wrong or what you can do better. The five most common mistakes include: tweeting too much or too little; spamming your audience; managing your time ineffectively; abusing, missing, or ignoring hashtags; and missing opportunities to connect with your audience.

Want to Measure Social ROI? Start with These 5 Cross-Channel Metrics

In recent surveys, many responders stated that they still have a difficult time proving ROI for social media marketing. It has been a point of contention for years, ever since social media surfaced in marketing circles. The difficulty comes from the challenges of getting data from networks as well as connecting said data to consistent measurement of results. Luckily this guide provides 5 cross-channel metrics to help you figure it out.

Not Provided: A Complete Roundup

Not Provided: A Complete Roundup

Many work-arounds have been developed to help marketers deal with this era of not provided. Commonly referred to as the biggest loss in SEM history, it now accounts for 90% of organic search results. Luckily there are many strategies within Google’s products that can help internet marketers regain this lost information.

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