This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 01 28

This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 01 28

Hello again and welcome back! This week we have some great articles for you including: What’s the Deal With Guest Blogging? Deconstructing Matt Cutts’ Post; Getting Authorship to Work: A Case Study; and 5 Steps to Repurposing Killer Online Content from a Webinar.

What’s the Deal With Guest Blogging? Deconstructing Matt Cutts’ Post

Google’s Matt Cutts recently wrote a blog post about guest-blogging in which he stated “If you’re doing a lot of guest blogging,” he noted, “then you’re hanging out with really bad company. … Ultimately, this is why we can’t have nice things in the SEO space.” What does this mean for content marketers? Well nothing really, if you have been doing it properly. This article discusses the pollution of content due to abuses of guest blogging as well as providing tips and reminders about what content should look like.

Getting Authorship to Work: A Case Study

Getting author markup working on your site is especially important for those producing new content everyday. Not only has it been proven to improve clickthrough rate but it builds trust with returning users who come to recognize certain authors as experts. Google is certainly doing a lot to encourage blog owners and writers to implement authorship markup but it remains difficult to get working properly. This case study goes through the success and failures that Moz experienced on the road to getting Authorship to work properly and contains a variety of useful information that may help others who are having trouble with this system.

5 Steps to Repurposing Killer Online Content from a Webinar

5 Steps to Repurposing Killer Online Content from a Webinar

Webinars are a popular way of presenting useful information but there are a few flaws with the format. From those who cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts or time restraints to the difficulty of fully engaging people, webinars are simply not always the most practical way of reaching your audience. These 5 steps will show you how to take that fantastic content and reformat it so that anyone who is interested can benefit from it. By offering a condensed version of your webinar in a video blog form, you will reach a wider audience and deliver your information to them in a convenient, timely manner and can help you make the most of the SEO power of your content.

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