This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 01 21

Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: 3 Key Angles

Hello again, this week we have a great line up of blogs for you to peruse: Why Local Businesses Need to be Found on Mobile Devices [Infographic]; Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: 3 Key Angles; 4 Ridiculous Arguments Against Social Media Marketing (and How to Respond); The One Little Box That’s Costing You Big Dollars

Why Local Businesses Need to be Found on Mobile Devices [Infographic]

Offering some impressive statistics to convince the doubters, this clear and concise infographic shows exactly how important local results are for businesses. Here are a few of the statistics offered, just to give you a taste:

  • 70% of smartphone users use mobile device while shopping in store
  • 50% of smartphone users use local maps to find locations
  • 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on their mobile device go to or call that business within 24 hours

Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: 3 Key Angles

Setting out the whys and how-tos of the main three key angles of social marketing, this guide offers specific tactics and tricks for Twitter and LinkedIn. Including tips on building brand awareness, showcasing your expertise, and making contact for sales, this is a great read for B2B marketers.

4 Ridiculous Arguments Against Social Media Marketing

Despite the increasing power of social media in modern marketing, there are those who remain resistant to the changing market. This great article tackles the most common arguments against social media as well as how to respond. From "our prospects don't use social media" to "social media is just a fad", this guide will give you some helpful tips and tricks for convincing old-fashioned or doubtful bosses of the importance of including social media in your marketing strategies.

The One Little Box That's Costing Your Big Dollars

This article delves into the psychological impact of a coupon code box on shoppers when they reach your checkout and demonstrates why it can hurt your sales as well as suggesting strategies for preventing these losses. Instead of training your shoppers to expect deals every time they shop, effective use of coupon codes and special offers can encourage shoppers not only to buy, but to return.

Some more interesting Internet marketing articles:

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