This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 12 10

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 12 10

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Here's a few internet marketing articles from the past week: SEO: You're Now Being Graded on the Curve; A/B Test Finds 55% Increase in Leads When Images Added tp Tweets; The Future of Content Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 2014; and RIP Google AdWords Editor??

SEO: You’re Now Being Graded on the Curve

You may have read articles titled ‘SEO is Dead,’ however, SEO isn’t close to dead. SEO is becoming a superpower that grown much bigger than its traditional meaning. Like anything you do in life, you must be ready for change, just like with SEO. Remember the best practices… Also Don’t forget about Bing!

A/B Test Finds 55% Increase in Leads When Images Added tp Tweets

A picture is worth more than 140 characters. This is why Twitter has started to automatically show images attached to tweets. Before users had to click a link to see an image. Now the your tweets have real estate on your followers leads. Like all over social networks, photos have proven to increase engagement and it this case, images are increasing leads.

The Future of Content Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 2014

Whoa… did you know that 27,000,000 pieces of content are share each day?! Not only is that number large, it’s also intimidating. Is the content you are creating 1 in 27 million? If content is king, quality is queen.

RIP Google AdWords Editor??

Google finally allows Adwords users the ability to undo changes, something that marketers have been patiently waiting for. However, these capabilities are making people wonder if Google is going to discontinue the Google AdWords Editor.

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    I personally always use the Google Adwords editor for my keyword research, so I really hope they do not remove it entirely.
    The most interesting article to me was the one about Twitter becoming more “image-centric.”
    I think it just further shows that the world of social media is going towards images and videos. Even if you have great written content, you need to have great visual aids as well or else you may not even get discovered.
    Thanks for sharing!

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