This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 10 15

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 10 15

Too busy with family and friends this long weekend to find out the latest Internet marketing news? Here are a few articles to keep you in the loop: 5 Important Internet Marketing Lessons From Steve Jobs; 3 SEO Success Factors of 2014; 7 Ways to Make Your Google Search Results Stand Out; and  Twitter Adds Scheduled Tweets for Advertisers Only

5 Important Internet Marketing Lessons From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was known for his innovative thinking. He was so ahead of his time that we are still able to learn from after he's gone. Remember to focus of one thing at a time; a picture is worth more than 100,000 words; create a culture of innovation; never forget time is short; and learn from your customers.

3 SEO Success Factors of 2014

There’s many articles out there questioning the liveliness of SEO; nonetheless, it’s important to understand SEO is far from dead, its simply entering a transitional period. The era of personalized search is quickly forcing webmasters to optimize websites for user experience, which in turn will have their audience assisting rank.

7 Ways to Make Your Google Search Results Stand Out

With tons of competition online, having a website rank on the first page is a great accomplishment; however, getting users attention and having them click your link is essential to success. Make your search results more attractive by adding simple yet overlooked feature such as authorship, reviews and map listings.

Twitter Adds Scheduled Tweets for Advertisers Only

Having the freedom to schedule content on social media is a real time saver but where’s the convenience in paying for saving time. Twitter is offering it’s paying advertisers scheduled tweets. If you’re aren’t a paying customer you can always use third party tools like Hootsuite to choose the time your tweets get published.

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It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    I’m just curious as to the future of SEO. It seems to me that companies like Google and Yahoo will know the user better and therefore search results will be tailored just for them. This will cut down on the spam sites and make it impossible for them to get market share.

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    Interesting internet marketing lessons from Steve Jobs!

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    Shawn Gossman 


    I like the idea of scheduled tweets from Twitter! Scheduling blog posts has always worked out for many of us because we can ensure that our readers see the new posts by the time they usually get on the site. I think this will also be good for social media as well. Great post!

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    Wow, I’m new here and this is just great information! I really did have a crazy busy weekend and feel that I’m really behind on my reading and this was a great place to look to catch a summary of important articles! I am so happy I found this site tonight! I’m thinking even when I’m not too busy to find articles on my own this is going to be a way better place to come to just find them!

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