This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 16

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 16

Were you too busy to catch the latest Internet marketing news? Here is what you might have missed: How to Increase Sales and Build Brand with Google Remarketing; Facebook Launches Partner Categories, 500+ Generic Profiles To Target Ads Better; How to Create and Promote Successful Social Media Giveaways (and build SEO Links); and 10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips.

How to Increase Sales and Build Brand with Google Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the best forms of online advertising, not only can you target your exact audience of interest but it also is a proven tactic to increasing sales and increasing return visitors to your website. Remarketing is a great support system to any paid search campaign.

Facebook Launches Partner Categories, 500+ Generic Profiles To Target Ads Better

Yet again, Facebook is making new advancements to its ad targeting capabilities. The platform is now launching “Partner Categories,” which is currently made up of roughly 500 “unique groups” that act as descriptors that match up to relevant audiences on Facebook. Datalogix, Epsilon and Acxiom will be a few of the companies providing data to power the service.

How to Create and Promote Successful Social Media Giveaways (and build SEO Links)

How to Create and Promote Successful Social Media Giveaways (and build SEO Links)There’s many common ways to build your backlink profile; nonetheless, getting creative with your link building strategy can help you tap into unearned link areas. Running a social media contest is a great way to earn links and increase social media engagement that has proven to assist SEO rank.

10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips 

10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

Does your landing page have searchers “CRED?” To keep your clickers happy when the reach your landing page, ensure you “C”onnect with intent; “R”eslove user query; “E”ngage the user; and “D”rive further user engagement. By covering all these areas, you’ll keep your audience happy, while avoiding potentially wasted click spend.

More Internet Marketing Headlines

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    Thanks again for the news Vanessa seems like even your “older” posts have some great information. I suggest that anyone who is new to your blog go back and read the older posts. I personally have learned alot and also I’ve been helped to correct somethings I just had completely wrong.

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    I like the way you post a weekly kinda update on your blog. It helps me to better find what I want to read.
    Thanks for the helpful information.

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    Thanks for the rundown, Vanessa! Interestingly enough, just yesterday I was pondering how one could make a social media following more interactive. The article on social media giveaways should be an excellent read for building my company’s Twitter and Facebook presence.

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      Vanessa Copeland 


      No problem @Ghost. Giveaways are an awesome way to increase reach in any online community. At the moment, I find Facebook’s platform the best for running any type of promotion. The promoted post ads provide great targeting options.

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    I always bookmark these weekly roundups of internet marketing tips because it’s always nice to have a library of information you can use.
    Thank you very much!

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    Wow, what a wealth of excellent information. I’m gonna be busy with these links for a while 😀

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    What fascinating articles!

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    What a wealth of information! thank you so much, I will be using literally all of it myself

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    Very interesting articles this week! Especially the article about how to Create and Promote Successful Social Media Giveaways. I personally think lots of companies are still doing this wrong. These giveaways through social media are great for exposure. If you look at Razer (A company for gaming gear), they would not be such a big company without their countless giveaways.

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