This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 09

Google Explains Why Your Page’s Number One Rank May Drop

Just in case you didn’t have time to catch this week’s Internet marketing highlights, here’s what you may have missed: Why Your Page’s Number One Rank May Drop; Google Rumoured to Be in Talks to Acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion; What Could Facebook Hashtag Adoption Mean for the Social Giant; and Bing Ads Responds to Google Enhanced Campaigns.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 09

Google Explains Why Your Page’s Number One Rank May Drop

Google Explains Why Your Page’s Number One Rank May Drop

Matt Cutts explains that it’s hard for Google to define the original source of a new piece of content and this is what causes pagerank fluctuation. When multiple online publications cover the same topic, using the same keywords, it’s hard for Google to index the most relevant queries.  Search queries about new events gain more traffic within its initial release, and as the content becomes searched less frequently, a pagerank may change.

Google Rumoured to Be in Talks to Acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion

Last year, rumour had it Facebook was interested in purchasing WhatsApp but ultimately bet on today’s ever-popular Instagram. Now, Facebook’s top competitor has its eye on the top mobile messaging app. Google purchasing WhatsApp could give the company a competitive edge against Facebook’s mobile messaging application.

What Could Facebook's Hashtag Adoption Mean for the Social Giant

Surprisingly, #Facebook has yet to adopt the hashtag feature employed on competing social media channels. Adding this feature will create larger Facebook communities and open up new communication abilities. However, this could also spark renewed privacy concerns among users and put Facebook on the defensive once again rehashing privacy.

Bing Ads Responds to Google Enhanced Campaigns

Bing advertising experts have released their perception of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns and make note of its misconceptions and weaknesses. Bing took this opportunity to use Google’s missing advertising features to its own benefit by updating it’s advertising platform. Find more Bing’s new functionalities and its views on Google’s Enhanced Campaigns here.

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    I have to say out of all of the news here the only one I was surprised with was reading that google is in talks to purchase whatsapp. I personally use this application and it’s a great alternative to Blackberry’s pin. And I hope that when google gets their hands on it they can make some vast improvements to the application.

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    Thanks again for putting a roundup of links to your articles on here.
    It’s very easy to navigate around the website, something other bloggers should look into doing.

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    Christoffer Madsen 


    Really nice with a little catch-up like this, especially for those who are new here!
    Nice little collection of articles, really helpful,

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    Whatsapp, a wonderful application for different mobile platforms. I am well satisfied with how it works for mobile users and millions of users do feel the same. No wonder if Google or Facebook wanted to acquire them and enhance it further.

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