This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 03 26

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 03 26

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s some interesting Internet marketing articles that you might have missed: Facebook Updates Cover Photo Guidelines to Allow Call-to-Action; Why Your Customers Aren’t Connecting with Your Content; How To Snag A Sale From A Simple ‘Contact Us’ Page; and Phone Numbers No Longer Allowed in Google AdWords Ad Text.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 03 26

Facebook Updates Cover Photo Guidelines to Allow Call-to-Action

Facebook has been making many updates to better its marketing abilities. They’ve recently updated the Facebook Page Terms allowing call-to-actions in cover photo. Prior to this update, cover pages couldn’t include price information, contact information or like and share requests. Now these guidelines have been removed. Since cover photos are public to anyone who visits the page, this is a great marketing opportunity for attracting existing and potential clients via social media.

Why Your Customers Aren’t Connecting with Your Content

If you’ve noticed low engagement rates with your content, it’s probably time to revamp your content marketing strategy. Customers are visiting your website for something of interest, so ensure your content isn’t boring, offer users something new and provide helpful information. To get your customer involved with your content, here’s a few factor to keep in mind.

How To Snag A Sale From A Simple ‘Contact Us’ Page

The conversion funnel of a website can often make or break a customer’s purchasing decision. The “Contact Us” page is a crucial aspect of generating leads and sales. Why is this so important? It creates an element of trust. By updating your Contact Us page, you’ll improve that trust component while increasing leads and sales.

Phone Numbers No Longer Allowed in Google AdWords Ad Text

This April, Google will start to disapprove ads with phone numbers in ad text. Now, users must implement the call extension feature. Also, advertisers will now be charge for clicks on call forwarding links or the “Call” button. Google’s call extension feature allows you to measure conversion, including phone impressions, phone calls, phone-through rate, and average cost per phone call in a campaign.

More Internet Marketing Headlines

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LinkedIn Revamps Its Search Algorithm, Adds Features

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    Lydia Bannet 


    Hi Everyone,
    Well this is a great article. Future belongs to internet marketing and before we go, we must know that what are the upcoming trends for this. This article is a good try for this. I read another good article recently. I hope it’ll be helpful for many.
    All the best

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    Great post, thanks for informing us about all this news!
    I’m extremely shocked that Google won’t allow phone numbers anymore.

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      Vanessa Copeland 


      @thatguywhy, Glad you like the articles! And for Google, its all just a new angle to get people to spend more money with AdWords by using the call forwarding feature! Shocker! 😉

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    This was a big week in Internet marketing! The changes to Google Adwords and Facebook have particularly major implications for marketers.

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    Thanks a lot for another great post!
    Found article number 2 especially interesting. I save lots of time by just clicking on everything you post and not searching the inter webs for it myself.

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      Vanessa Copeland 


      @Procreator, no problem! It’s my pleasure. Facebook allowing call-to-actions in cover photos is awesome. While Google removing phone numbers in ads not as awesome, but share worthy at the least!

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