This Week in Internet Marketing 2013 01 22

This Week in Internet Marketing 2013 01 22

After a 113 day NHL lock out, I'm sure all you hockey fans were glued to the tub over the weekend. With all the hockey hype, you may have missed some interesting Internet marketing news. Here are some articles to keep you on track: Google Declares War on the Password; Facebook Graph Search Retains Bing as Important Partner; Mobile Ads Could Rake in $11.4Billion in 2013; and  3 Things You May Not Know About Local SEO.

This Week in Internet Marketing

Google Declares War on the Password

The year 2012 seem to be a hacker’s paradise, passwords on trusted sites like Twitter and LinkedIn were easily compromised. As online privacy continues to be a constant concern, Google plans to liberate people of password fears and protect online users of identity theft. Imagine signing on to your Gmail account by simply tapping “your computer with the ring on your finger.”

Facebook Graph Search Retains Bing as Important Partner

When Facebook invited the world to come see what they’ve been working on, many speculations rose along with their stock value and with much talk about a Facebook phone, we received the the Facebook Graph Search. The Graph Search is attempting to improve the site’s search functions, making it easier to navigate connections and eliminate the need to search things on Google.

Mobile Ads Could Rake in $11.4Billion in 2013

If the revenue speculations deem true, mobile advertising should see an 18 per cent increase from 2012 and is expected to grow another 53 per cent from now to 2016. With the growing popularity of free mobile apps, it’s anticipated that display ads will evolve faster than search ads and inevitably surpass them.

 3 Things You May Not Know About Local SEO 

Local SEO is quite different from regular SEO, and when optimized correctly it has proven to be very successful for small and medium size businesses. Having you're company listed on networks such as Google+ Local can increase your rank on SERPs and improve customer relations.

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    Thats an impressive number for mobile ads. I really did not predict that much.

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    I was glued to the tube all Saturday afternoon! I will watch and support my teams with cheer but they don’t get a ticket sale from me this year. It has to cost them, greed can’t be rewarded or it happens again and this was Gary Betman’s second jab at a greedy lockout. No more!

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      Vanessa Copeland 


      I was happy to see Toronto take down Montreal. But I agree with you on the greed aspect. More teams should have up there public relations efforts and offered us fans more free tickets, the leafs especially.

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