This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 18

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 18

Soon the busy holiday season will come to rest and new year resolutions conversations will be in full effect. In light of us making new goals and starting down new paths, we’ve collected some interesting articles that reflect the future trends in Internet marketing: Yahoo Intros Cost-Per-Lead Search Ads, First New Format Under Marissa Mayer; Google Aims to Reduce Accidental Clicks in Mobile Ads; Twitter Adds More Keyword Target Options & Trending Topic Matching for Promoted Tweets; and Hot and Cold Trends in Search Going into 2013.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 18

Yahoo Intros Cost-Per-Lead Search Ads, First New Format Under Marissa Mayer

Yahoo is changing the way of it’s search ad format to provide users a better cost-per-lead by introducing “Cost-Per-Lead Search Ads.” Now, you will see a cost-per lead ad directly under a site’s organic search result. Advertisers will have the ability to choose a headline, logo, and up to six fields for users to fill out. The best part of this new feature is, “Yahoo says it will verify all submitted user data so advertisers pay only for legitimate leads.”

Google Aims to Reduce Accidental Clicks in Mobile Ads

“Google has a new enemy – the fat finger.” – With smartphone touchscreens being super click sensitive, advertisers might to losing ad spend because of thumb slippage. Google claims to be currently analyzing formats and placement to avoid accidental clicks that are costing PPC customers.

Twitter Adds More Keyword Target Options & Trending Topic Matching for Promoted Tweets

Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” just got a little more interesting. Advertisers’ tweets will be much more targeted and visible to the right audience due to its latest update. Now Twiiter offers promoted tweet customers the ability to match tweets to Twitter searches by using exact match, phrase match and basic keyword matching!

Hot and Cold Trends in Search Going into 2013

It’s time to look back on the past year of the SEO industry and see what 365 days of trials and tribulations has taught us. SEO in 2013 is about long-term tactics and avoiding the follow-the hype paradigm. Whether you are outsourcing Internet marketing services and your are trying them out yourself, it’s important to keep up with the trends to ensure your marketing campaign reaches its maximum potential.

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    The Yahoo PPL idea is facinating. However, it does seem “difficult” since you need your site ranking organizaly before you can use it… It will be a big potential benefit from those sites ranking well. Having the form right on Yahoo gives it a lot of credibility if you are not promoting a known brand.

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    Haha — I love the ‘fat finger’ one! I wonder how they’ll remove those accidental clicks. Maybe we should focus on making the nation lose weight, not making the phones bigger.

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    Merry Christmas. Keep up the great posts!

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    I really want to look into what you all have to say about Pay per click advertising. I am very much interested in this now. I have been working on organic search engine optimization for the longest, now it’s time to speed things up!

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    It will be interesting to test out the system Marissa has developed at Yahoo. I have a feeling it might set some industry trends, especially if it proves profitable to Yahoo by attracting new advertisers because they won’t need to pay for fraud leads.

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    I’m very interested on how Twitter’s promoted tweets would work. How will Twitter choose the audience who will get to view the tweets?

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    This seems like a pretty cool site. Keep up the good work.

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