This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 11

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 11

We only have 15 more days to get gifts for our loved ones. As the calendar counts down, our time to wrap up all of our holiday plans winds dwindles. Since you're all very busy, we've collected some hot internet marketing articles to keep you in the loop: Top Trends for 2013: Marketing Moves On; 5 Remarketing Tips to Maximize Your Holiday SEM; 7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan page SEO; and You Must Blog and Blog Smart in 2013.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 11

Top Trends for 2013: Marketing Moves On

As 2012 comes to an end, many emerging online marketing trends are on the rise. One hot topic surrounds strengthening social media campaigns by focusing on how to measure, analyze and engage audiences effectively. However, what’s new, everyone one knows this. The future of social success will lay in having access to the right social media monitoring technologies.

5 Remarketing Tips to Maximize Your Holiday SEM

Remarketing is a great advertising tool, if you’re using it, you know that already; if you’re not using it, what are you waiting for? Remarketing during the holiday season can really drive the desired attention to your website and increase profits. To ensure your campaign is running to its full potential, check out these five useful tips.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan page SEO

Facebook fan page SEO doesn’t stray far away from how you would optimize SEO for a websites. My favourite tips from this article is #7, SEO for Facebook Notes. This is a very overlooked feature that has SEO benefits. As you would for a blog, optimize the note title, tags and description for SEO.

You Must Blog and Blog Smart in 2013

We all know that blogging is a key component to elevating your SEO; therefore, why “must” you blog and blog well in 2013? Well, the truth of the matter is there’s a fine line between SEO, social media, and content marketing and as we move forward, a company's blog content will start to affect and reflect the status of their SEO and social presence. Check out this insightful article for the full scoop.

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    I do like the points about blogging smart in 2013 and remarketing your brand. Although, as far as remarketing, I don’t like to focus that much on remarketing specifically during the holiday season, since it is just a temporary time of the year. It really helps to make a habit of remarketing your brand quarterly and use the holiday as a special “treat”.

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    I totally agree with all the points. Basically as more and more bloggers join the loop, competition is becoming fierce. Blogging smarter and “remarketing” are great ways of making sure your blog reaches its full potential in 2013. Indeed, making better use of time in this every-so-busy holiday season is a must for every serious blogger. Thanks for the great tips!

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    One of the advice given in the Top Trends for 2013 about monitoring social activities can do more than driving leads to a website. In fact, depending on how big a company is, monitoring the activity of its potential audience on social media could be used to manage its reputation.
    In fact, if negative discussions arise around the name of the company these monitoring campaigns could be a method to know about these discussions.

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