This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 27

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 27

Hi everyone, hope you’re all ready for the cold weather. Luckily, you can stay warm while reading these hot Internet marketing articles. Get comfortable and check out: 6 Content Marketing Performance Metrics You Need to Track; Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement Tool; 3 Ways To Calculate PPC ROI; and Why You Might Want to Do SEO on Someone Else’s Site - Whiteboard Friday.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 27

6 Content Marketing Performance Metrics You Need to Track

Tracking the performance of your content metrics offers a lot of insight of where certain improvements can be made. To evaluate the effectiveness of your content, keep an eye on your unique visitors, page views, search engine traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and inbound links.

Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement Tool

Facebook rolled out a conversion measurement tool to “bridge the data gap between social ads and online sales.” Not only will this provide more insight to Facebook advertisers, however, this tool might also entice more retailers to purchase Facebook ads.

3 Ways To Calculate PPC ROI

There’s a few different ways to calculate the ROI from PPC. Whether it’s calculating the return on ad spend, return on investment (ROI), or profit per impression and profit per click, find the best method for your business and stick to it.

Why You Might Want to Do SEO on Someone Else’s Site - Whiteboard Friday

Doing SEO on someone else’s website may seem to be a little strange; however, this is a great reputation management tool. Instead of asking someone for a link, ask them if you can write some great content for their blog. You won’t look link greedy and the site owners will be more willing to share a piece of their real estate with you.

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    I think that it is a good thing that Facebook launched a way to measure the ROI of their ads. At some point I wondered about the nature of the clicks provided by Facebook. A tool to measure the ROI could be seen as a guarantee of the quality of FB ads clicks.

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    I like your weekly roundups, Vanessa. Thanks for pointing out Facebook`s launch of their conversion measurement tool – I hadn’t come across that before.

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