This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 13

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 13

I hope everyone had a thoughtful Remembrance day. In terms of internet marketing, here are a few article you should remember when strategizing an online campaign; 6 Reasons Your Landing Pages Creep Me Out; The Social Media Conversion Funnel and ROI; 4 Tips to Create Paid Search Support for Promotions & Public Relations; No, Content is Not the Only Way – Whiteboard Friday; and The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement.

This Weekend In Internet Marketing 2012 11 13

6 Reasons Your Landing Pages Creep Me Out

Rule number one: don’t creep out your customers. Landing pages must be clear and straight to the point to be deemed effective. Having an inaccurate call to action, asking for too much personal information, and a poor design may scare away potential conversions. Check out this article to ensure you’re not the owner of a creepy landing page.

The Social Media Conversion Funnel and ROI

Whether social media can produce a ROI is a constant debate; however, I believe your social media ROI can be measured simply upon how much time you invest. If you are having a “one night stand” with social media expect little in return. Nonetheless, starting a “long-term relationship” can produce wonders.

4 Tips to Create Paid Search Support for Promotions & Public Relations

Sometimes the best way to seen online is to venture offline. You can boost your a paid search campaign by 160 per cent by with the addition of public relations and promotion support. Here are 4 tactics that can have a positive impact on your paid search campaign.

No, Content is Not the Only Way – Whiteboard Friday

We always hear the saying “Content is King;” nonetheless, content isn’t the only way to be successful at inbound marketing. Many companies see SEO success without investing in content marketing yet investing in relationships, quality advertising and community engagement.

The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement (Infographic)

The most difficult aspect of managing a Facebook fanpage is attaining fans engagement. Like Google, Facebook has it’s own algorithm “EdgeRank,” which controls which posts end up in fans news feed. The more fan engagement, the better reputation is earned with Facebook’s algorithm.

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