This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 10 30

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 10 30

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 10 30

BOO! Don’t be afraid, Halloween is still a day away. The only thing to be afraid of is losing track of what is going on in the world of Internet marketing. Don’t worry here are some article to keep you in the loop: 3 Metrics to Measure Customer Happiness on Your Website; 3 Metrics to Measure Customer Happiness on Your Website; 5 Link Building Tactics that No Longer Work; 10 Tips to Optimize Conversions on Your Mobile Landing Pages

3 Metrics to Measure Customer Happiness on Your Website

Metrics are an online marketer’s best friend. They use metrics as an influence for keyword selection, pay-per-click bidding and to measure performance. By investigating the correlation between bounce rate, pageviews per session and time on a site with a website’s conversion rate, marketers can effectively refine content and bidding strategies.

Twitter Launches “90% Accurate” Gender Targeting for Advertisers

Social media advertising is a competitive playing field. Twitter lacks the competitive targeting capabilities that Facebook offers, simply because Facebook can decipher demographic information from user profiles. Twitter has announced that it is capable of gender targeting even though they don’t know whether users are male or female.

5 Link Building Tactics that No Longer Work

In light of all the talk of Google’s algorithm changes about quality link building tactics, it’s important to know which past tactics may have worked before yet no longer help sites rank. Review these out-dated tactics to make sure your website is moving in the right direction.

10 Tips to Optimize Conversions on Your Mobile Landing Pages

With mobile web browsing predicted to beat out desktop web browsing by 2014, marketers can’t ignore the need to optimize mobile landing pages. Traditional landing page practices don’t convert well for mobile, there are many new considerations to review. Here are some tips to ensure small-size landing pages converts on a large scale.

Four Ways to Add Life to Your Guest Post with Social Media

As we all know using social media is great way to share content with your audience; however, how you share this content is the key to it’s reach and success. Before creating your next blog post, set the stage by starting up conversions and taking polls. This will let you know your audiences current interests and ensure the content reaches its full potential.

More Internet Marketing Headlines

Google Plans to Combine Mobile & Desktop Ads

Is Yahoo Looking to Scoop Up OpenTable?

Twitter Expands Expanded Tweets

Google Ads Earning Over $100 Million Per Day (Infographic)

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    The bounce rate is one metric that can lead to a little bit of sadness when a good part of the traffic generated leaves the website very fast.
    Concerning social media advertisement, I wonder how long it should take before Facebook and Twitter campaigns are as expensive as present Adwords campaigns.

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