This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 07 17

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 07 17

Welcome back to another interesting week in the world of Internet marketing. I’ve collected some article to keep you in the loop of what’s going on: 7 Tremendous Ways To Promote Your Content On LinkedIn; Higher AdWords Returns with Mirrored Campaigns; Cutts: Infographic Links Might Get Discounted In The Future; and Why Link Building Strategies Fail.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 07 17

7 Tremendous Ways To Promote Your Content On LinkedIn

You’ve been advertising on Facebook and Twitter; however, have you considered promoting your business on LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn is a great way to promote your business’ content, especially for B2B visibility. This advertising platform may be the venue that increases your traffic, leads and boosts your company’s online presence.

Higher AdWords Returns with Mirrored Campaigns

Have you been trying to decrease cost per conversion but you’re still coming with new keywords for your Adwords campaign. Have you started to experiment with mirrored Adwords campaigns? In Adwords you can buy search terms in 4 different ways: broad match, phrase match, exact match and negative keyword match. Mirrored Adwords benefits users by allowing them to create two identical campaigns that only differ in their keyword matching options.

Cutts: Infographic Links Might Get Discounted In The Future

Infographics have proven to be an excellent backlinking tool and now rumour has it Google may discount the value of infographic generated links. Matt Cutts finds that many infographic are off-topic and or really poor, which is misleading people. What do you think about this? Should infographic links be discounted?

What Is Quality Score and Why Does it Matter?

If your company is using paid search campaigns you most likely have heard of the term quality score; however, do you understand why your quality score matters in relation to your campaign? A quality score is measured through your company’s search engine rank, many factors contribute to a rank such keyword click-through-rate, landing pages, text ad and keyword relevance. Read more and find out how to improve your quality score.

Why Link Building Strategies Fail

In order to win some you might have to lose some; however, this doesn’t have to apply you in the case of link building, since you have the chance learn from other people’s mistakes. This article outlines how link building strategies have failed and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. Definately worth the read.

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